A 100,000 Dose Salute

To VetLife’s New Direct-Drive Implant Guns

(West Des Moines, Iowa) Tina Greiman, VetLife Product Manager, gives a big "thumbs up" to the implanting crews that participated in the introduction of the new Component® 200T and Component EZTM guns. Greiman reported that a Nebraska feedyard crew actually implanted 100,000 cattle with a single Component 200T gun.

Greiman says, "When VetLife started our new gun development project, we were trying to design a more durable, easier-to-use implant device for use with Component® with Tylan® implant products. We thought we had succeeded, but we wouldn’t know for sure until we saw how the guns performed in the field. So we asked a number of implant crews to "test drive" the device for us under real life conditions. One year and 100,000 doses later, one of the Component 200T guns was still working, far exceeding our most optimistic goals. I am not sure if there has ever been another implant device that was still working after implanting 100,000 head of cattle."

According to Greiman, the new Component EZ and Component 200T guns have fewer moving parts which simplify the use and maintenance of the devices. Greiman said, "We wanted to design an implanter that was functional, durable and intuitive to use, even for an inexperienced operator using the gun for the first time. The EZ and 200T direct-drive guns have met and exceeded all of our functionality, durability and simplicity objectives. Most importantly, our customers love these new guns."

VetLife representative, Marvin Hammond, recently recognized the Nebraska crew for their outstanding accomplishment by presenting each of them with a Component with Tylan 100,000 dose commemorative jacket. Hammond said, "The jacket was just a small token of our appreciation for the efforts of this outstanding crew. Whenever they wear it, they will remember that they have done something that probably has never been done. 100,000 doses through a single gun should make The Guinness Book of World Records."

The Component EZ Gun is for use with all Component with Tylan implant products except Component TE-200 with Tylan. The 200T gun has been designed to accommodate the wider Component TE-200 with Tylan implant belt. Both direct-drive implant guns are available from animal health suppliers and veterinarians or by contacting VetLife.

VetLife is an industry leader in growth promoting implants for the cattle industry. VetLife offers beef producers 22 unique implant products — including ten exclusive Component with Tylan products — each specifically designed for different stages of cattle production including suckling calves, stocker cattle and every cattle feeding scenario. Component with Tylan contains VetLife’s proprietary blue Tylan pellet which maintains the health of the implant site, allowing the active ingredients in the implant to deliver maximum performance. Component and Component with Tylan products are packaged in convenient 20-dose belts, reducing the time required to reload the Component EZ and 200T guns.

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