2008 International Pioneer Breeder Award

Barnesville, OH—Dickinson Cattle Co. (DCCI) General Manager, Darol Dickinson was presented the International Texas Longhorn Assn.'s coveted Pioneer Breeder Award for the year 2008. The award stated, "In recognition and appreciation of your dedication as an active member of the ITLA. You have made a noticeable impact in the preservation and promotion of Texas Longhorn Cattle."

The DCCI family ranch was also awarded the Certificate of Appreciation for registering and transferring the most Texas Longhorn cattle for the year.

DCCI is a registered cattle producing ranch located in Belmont county, Ohio near Barnesville. The ranch specializes in Texas Longhorns, Dutch BueLingo and African Watusi breeding stock. DCCI is known for extensive exporting of semen and embryos beyond the USA.

The ITLA is the breed registry for Texas Longhorn cattle doing documentation and recording genetics for all countries. The headquarters of ITLA is at Glen Rose, Texas. The awards presentation was held during the annual Convention and Championship Show with attendees from numerous states and 3 Canadian Provinces.


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Caption for attached graphic: Dickinson Cattle Co. Gen. Mgr. Darol Dickinson of Barnesville, Ohio was awarded the coveted Pioneer Breeder Award during the International Texas Longhorn Assn. 2008 Convention and Championship Show. L to R. Darol Dickinson and ITLA President Larry P Smith II, Glen Rose, Texas.