2013 Professional Cattlemen’s Brangus Bull Sale Scores With Customers

Three inches of rain Friday and Saturday turned the Spitzer Ranch pens into mud slurry and had bulls coated with “mud fondue”, but friends and customers ignored the conditions to bid 24 Yearling Brangus Bulls to a solid $3442 average. Conditions did decrease crowd size some, but the Spitzer’s hospitality had everyone in a good frame of mind as they kept attendees warm, dry, happy and well fed. Still buyers represented FL, GA, MS, NC, SC and TN and the TELO-AUCTION phone line was busy as several decided to stay warm at home and buy by-the-numbers from folk that have built a reputation on supplying genetics that work in the commercial beef industry.

Spitzer Ranch has staked out the claim: “Providing genetics and services to enable cow-calf producers to be successful”. Their commitment to the needs of Professional Cattlemen with progressive beef operations has become well known throughout the Southeastern US. They have a reputation as the “go to” Seedstock Breeder for soundly developed, athletic, functional and durable bulls with the right genetics to put pounds on the ground and dollars in the pockets of their customers. If you ask Doc and Patricia what they are most proud of, “It’s that our customers are commercial cattlemen with well thought out profit objectives. When these very practical, profit driven commercial cattlemen will sit here and outbid the registered breeders for a bull, they must be absolutely convinced our bulls make them money.” 

The Spitzer Family has an over 30-year commitment to a selection program focused on driving birth weights down without any sacrifice in growth and further enhancing the well known Brangus female traits. The Spitzer Ranch exclusive Curve Bender Index (CBI) has certainly become the standard of excellence for identifying bulls siring calves with lowered birth weights and yet rapid gain to weaning and yearling ages.

Ralph Pelaez, Okeechobee, FL set the pace with a final bid of $5100 on the crowd pleaser SR Mohican Warrior Y164, a Bet-The-Ranch calving ease bull with a -3.3 BW EPD (Top 2% Rank) who posted no less than 6 EPDs ranking in the Top 25% or better for Brangus Non-parents. Y164 was sired by the popular Spitzer Ranch bred TCB Catawba Warrior R532 and out of a cow sired by the Spitzer Ranch Trait Leader for BW EPD, SR Cadence Warrior S702.  Another calving ease bull slid into the second slot with Pat Pfeil of McCarlton Partners, Arcadia, FL and Warthen, GA claiming SR Ottawa Warrior Y197 at $4500.  Out of the Spitzer’s SR Medicine Man W415 sire, Y197 racked up no less than 7 EPDs ranking in the Top 20% or better.  Florida breeders sure went after calving ease bulls as Richard Moore, RAM Ranch, Windermere, FL spent $4300 to own SR Mohican Warrior Y179.  Another TCB Catawba Warrior R532 son boasting an amazing -4.1 BW EPD with both BW and CED EPDs ranking in the Top 1%, and a YW EPD still ranking him in the Top 30%.  Y179 rounded out his statistics with an ultrasound of 13.3 sq. in. REA and 3.93% IMF.

Another progressive beef operation was added to the Spitzer Ranch Customer Honor Roll   with J. C. and JoAnne Bass, BASS RANCH, INC Okeechobee, FL.  The Bass Family has been repeat bull customers and J. C. and JoAnne have become friends who actively promote Spitzer Ranch and Brangus Cattle in South Florida.  They sure personify all ranchers who make the cattle business such a great industry. The Bass Family and many more like them keep the Spitzers constantly striving to be better as suppliers of seedstock genetics to the cowboys and cowgirls who make a living in the commercial beef industry.

The 2014 edition of the SPITZER RANCH PROFESSIONAL CATTLEMEN’S BRANGUS BULL SALE is scheduled Saturday, February 22, 2014.  Be sure and mark your calendar right now so as not to miss out on an even better set of Brangus Bulls to sell in 2014.  If you wish your name added to their mailing list call 864/972-9140, write SPITZER RANCH, 1511 HWY 59, Fair Play, SC, 29643 or send an email note to [email protected]..  They publish two Newsletters each year which always provide current Bull Test Performance Reports as well as educational tips, inspiration and insights into a variety of timely topics of interest to those cattlemen whose goal is increased profitability. Also be sure to visit their website at www.srbulls.com and additionally you might enjoy their posts and QUOTE OF THE WEEK on Facebook.