AGI, Pfizer Animal Genetics Announce Parentage Testing Agreement

GE-EPDs powered by HD 50K, parentage available in April from single sample, price

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — March 30, 2011 — Angus Genetics, Inc.® (AGI), a subsidiary of the American Angus Association®, is now accepting DNA samples for parent verification conducted by Pfizer Animal Genetics. Starting in April, blood samples sent to AGI for genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences (GE-EPDs) powered by the High Density 50K (HD 50K) platform from Pfizer Animal Genetics, also may be used for parent verification at no additional cost. Or, Angus breeders can conduct parentage verification from Pfizer Animal Genetics as a stand-alone test.

“Our agreement with Pfizer Animal Genetics moves us closer to conducting all Angus parentage testing using single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genetic markers versus previously used technologies,” says Bill Bowman, AGI president and American Angus Association chief operating officer. “The new technology blends with the platforms used for trait testing with HD 50K. Never before has it been easier to identify accurate parentage data.”

This development will add both convenience and value to Angus breeders’ DNA testing programs, according to Scott Bormann, Pfizer Animal Genetics North American business director.

“The HD 50K platform includes the markers needed for parentage verification. Therefore, breeders have the option to verify parentage and gain GE-EPDs powered by HD 50K from a single DNA sample, for a single price.” Bormann says. “This is an important step in streamlining the DNA collection and testing process and taking full advantages of the benefits of HD 50K testing.”

The American Angus Association began accepting samples for SNP parentage testing in the fall of 2010. This new agreement allows breeders to request parentage from Pfizer Animal Genetics as either a stand-alone SNP test, or as an additional feature of HD 50K. Both options use the same SNP parentage markers. All samples previously submitted for HD 50K testing, including those that were tested in 2010 and authorized for released to AGI, are eligible for parentage verification at no additional charge. If samples are stored in the Pfizer Animal Genetics archive from Genetic Condition or GeneSTAR® testing, Angus breeders may request they are pulled for HD 50K and/or parentage testing.

GE-EPDs powered by HD 50K provide a dependable and predictable option in genetic evaluation. HD 50K is the beef industry’s first and only commercially available high-density DNA panel with more than 54,000 markers and information related to 14 economically important traits including calving ease; growth and efficiency; maternal performance; and carcass yield and quality.

Visit or for more information about parentage testing as it becomes available. Or, contact your Association regional manager, Pfizer Animal Genetics representative; call 816-383-5100 or 877-BEEF-DNA.