AgriLabs Annouced Award Winners At American Association Of Bovine Practitioners Annual Meeting

Steve Schram, AgriLabs President/CEO, presented the winners of the AgriLabs Dr. Bruce Wren Continuing Education Awards at the 46th annual meeting of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners.

These annual awards honor Dr. Bruce Wren, a long-time AgriLabs Technical Services veterinarian, in recognition of his lifelong commitment to practical and formal continuing education for veterinarians.

The selection process was managed by a committee headed by Dr. Gatz Riddell, AABP []. The grants seek to encourage veterinarians working with beef or dairy cattle who have expressed a desire to expand their skills and knowledge, to further develop within their field of expertise in veterinary practice.

“AgriLabs expects these awards to facilitate Dr. Wren’s efforts to encourage veterinarians to identify and participate in professional-development opportunities to better serve their clients and industry,” said Steve Schram.

Each $5,000 grant will be used by the winners -- who have earned their veterinary degree within the past 10 years -- to make possible professional continuing education proposed by the applicant.

Proposals could focus on:

Individual Animal Medicine - to enable practitioners to further his/her knowledge and skills in basic animal medicine, including diagnosis, treatment, surgery, case management, pain management or patient welfare.

Production Medicine - for veterinarians seeking to develop or implement herd protocols that enhance health and profitability, including records analysis, disease prevention, production enhancement, benchmarking, bio-security, or food safety.

The recipients are Dr. Rebecca Funk, Beef Continuing Education Award winner, and Dr. Amanda Willis, Dairy Continuing Education Award.  Dr. Funk works with beef cattle at a mixed animal practice in Lexington, NE.  Her goal is to attend the Ranching for Profit full course that will allow her to invest the knowledge she obtains in the future of her own business as well as the future of her clients.

Dr. Willis is a solo practitioner that serves the dairy community around Morrison, TN.  She wishes to obtain the education that will help her improve her dairy client’s business and the health and production of their herds. She also wishes to invest in the education of her staff, consumers and legislators and is involved in many organizations throughout the Tennessee community.

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