AgriLabs Introduces Colostrx Multi Species

St. Joseph, MO (April 8, 2010)… AgriLabs today announced the launch of Colostrx® Multi Species for use in foals, puppies, kittens, kids, lambs, fawns, alpacas, llamas and calves.

Newborn animals need quality colostrum to reduce health problems at the beginning of life. Colostrum is high in energy, protein, vitamins and minerals and is a critical source of immunoglobulin required in the first few hours after birth to protect against early exposure to disease.

"Unfortunately not all maternal colostrum contains the necessary immunoglobulin levels," reports Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig, AgriLabs Technical Services Manager. "With a significant variability between each animal's colostrum, relying solely on it can produce a false sense of security."

Failure of passive transfer (FPT) will occur if maternal colostrum is:

• Poor in quality (insufficient immunoglobulin to be protective)

• Insufficient in quantity

• Contaminated

• Unavailable

• Fed too late

"Newborn animals with FPT are more likely to sicken or die," Ehrenzweig continued. "While high quality maternal colostrum is often viewed to as the 'gold standard', feeding Colostrx Multi Species increases IgG levels to newborns and is an effective, convenient alternative of preventing FPT."

Colostrx brand is the longest standing and most trusted name in colostrum replacements and supplement products. It is now available as Colostrx Multi Species for use when:

• reliable, high-quality colostrum is unavailable;

• not enough colostrum is produced;

• the baby is orphaned;

• disease could be transmitted from mother to baby;

• colostrum is contaminated;

• the baby needs additional globulin protein support;

• there has been a stressful birth;

• feeding runts;

• feeding during bad weather.

With a guaranteed level of 20 grams of Globulin Protein per bag, Colostrx Multi Species is designed to meet the colostrum needs of foals, puppies, kittens, kids, lambs, fawns, alpacas, llamas and calves. It is currently available from AgriLabs distributors and their dealers.


About AgriLabs:

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