AgriLabs Introduces First Arrival® with Encrypt™ Paste for Calves

ST. JOSEPH, MO, Jan. 19, 2009 — AgriLabs introduces First Arrival® with Encrypt™, a paste that enhances the natural immunity of beef and dairy calves, bolstering their immune protection and helping them cope with scours.

“First Arrival is specially formulated for newborn calves, and contains targeted egg-yolk proteins that help combat eight common scour-causing pathogens,” says William Vaughn, AgriLabs business unit manager. “It also contains lactic-acid-producing bacteria and other ingredients that provide additional nutrients.

“In addition, First Arrival contains Encrypt, a unique carbon extract with antimicrobial properties that decreases scour-causing pathogens and promotes growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract,” Vaughn continues.

Preventing an immunity gap

Calves are born with naïve immune systems in environments that are filled with disease-causing pathogens. They only are able to fight these pathogens because of the passive transfer they receive from maternal antibodies in colostrum. The passive transfer must happen within 24 hours of birth; after that, they can no longer can absorb large proteins like immunoglobulins (antibodies), even though it takes weeks for their own immune systems to fully develop. Unless an animal gets enough high-quality colostrum at the right time, it likely will have an immunity gap.

“Although maternal colostrum is the ideal source of antibodies to combat these pathogens, the reality is that not all colostrum is of high quality and not every calf gets enough,” says Roger Winter, DVM, AgriLabs technical services veterinarian. “Scours are the leading cause of sickness in newborn calves1, and First Arrival can help overcome the immunity gap, decreasing the risk of disease and death.”

Staying ahead of scours

First Arrival paste for calves is available in boxes of 12 60-gram, dial-a-dose tubes. Administer 20 grams for mild scours, 40 grams for moderate scours and 60 grams for severe scours. It is highly palatable, easy to use, maintains effectiveness even when stored for long periods of time, and does not require a withdrawal period.

AgriLabs is an animal-health sales-and-marketing organization with distribution throughout the United States. The company's partnership structure and philosophy, together with a commitment to expeditious product development, provides a smooth, efficient system for manufacturers to transfer technology from research laboratories to the marketplace. Through technology transfer and cooperative development agreements, AgriLabs has introduced a number of state-of-the-art products to the beef and dairy industries.

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