AgriLabs Launches ACHIEVE with Cryptex

Prevents Immunity Gap in Newborn Calves

St. Joseph, MO (February 15, 2011)… Adam Yankowsky, AgriLabs Business Unit Manager, today unveiled the newest in the AgriLabs line of products designed specifically to support the natural immunity of calves. "ACHIEVE with Cryptex is an all-natural formula developed to bolster the ability of newborns to withstand disease stressors like scours, the leading cause of neonatal loss accounting for up to 46% of calf deaths. ACHIEVE bolsters their immunity to scours pathogens so that they start strong and stay strong," Yankowsky reported.

ACHIEVE is a highly palatable, easy-to-use and extremely digestible paste that is scientifically formulated for newborns with:

• Targeted egg-yolk proteins, combating common pathogens that cause malnutrition and scours.

• Lactic acid-producing bacteria, glutamine and inulin, combining to crowd out harmful bacteria in the gut, support intestinal health and foster the growth of beneficial bacteria.

• Cryptex, a precisely formulated polysaccharide and thermally-activated carbon mixture, gives ACHIEVE its characteristic black color. It removes pathogenic toxins from the intestine and creates a hostile environment for pathogens such as Cryptosporidium, a major cause of protozoal diarrhea.

"Although calves are born with sterile intestinal tracts, within a few hours disease-causing bacteria from the environment begin colonizing their digestive systems, " remarked Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig, head of the AgriLabs Technical Services team. "Colostrum can provide the maternal antibodies needed to produce immunity through passive transfer, but the newborn's ability to absorb these large immunoglobulin proteins drops to almost zero within 24 hours of birth. Since it takes weeks for a neonate to develop a functional immune system, an immunity gap can result, making it difficult to fight disease if adequate, high-quality colostrum is not received within the first 24 hours," he further explained.

Because not every newborn is provided with the best quality colostrum in a timely way, providing ACHIEVE 24 hours after birth and longer is a significant benefit to the calf's sustained growth and health.

ACHIEVE with Cryptex is available from AgriLabs distributors and local dealers (