AgriLabs Promotion Benefits Breast Cancer Research

St. Joseph, MO (January 12, 2011) Steve Schram, AgriLabs President and CEO, announced today that the company's "Get Your Pink On" Promotion was an unqualified success.

This innovative program spotlighted the efficacy of AgriLabs single-dose, I-Site XP® vaccine and its outstanding ability to protect cattle against 'pinkeye', a serious disease caused by Moraxella bovis. Producers who purchased I-Site XP, Agrimycin® 200 or KMG Animal Insecticides had a choice of receiving a valuable AgriLabs-branded "Get Your Pink On" gift or allowing AgriLabs to donate the equivalent amount to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, whose mission is a worldwide fight against breast cancer.

The overwhelming majority of the beef and dairy producer customers directed AgriLabs to donate the value of their premiums to the foundation to sponsor lifesaving research. "This important work is conducted by brilliant scientists from around the globe whose work holds the greatest promise to eliminate breast cancer in our lifetime," noted Peg Mastrianni, Deputy Director of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

With donations like the one from AgriLabs, the BCRF was able to award grants to more than 170 carefully selected researchers in October 2010. These men and women lead the most advanced and groundbreaking international breast cancer investigations.

"AgriLabs is proud of the thoughtful generosity of our customers. Even in these challenging times, producers in our industry looked beyond personal benefit and decided to actively forward the aim of BCRF researchers working to uncover the underlying causes of breast cancer, its prevention, the development of effective treatment strategies, and ultimately, a cure for this terrible disease," remarked Steve Schram, AgriLabs President/CEO.

"On behalf of all of us at AgriLabs," he continued, "We thank each and every customer for their continuing support of our company and their selfless support of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation."