American Angus Association® Launches New Ad Campaign

September 15, 2009

The American Angus Association has launched its new advertising campaign this week, emphasizing the economic advantages of Angus and the services of the Association.

The multi-media campaign, which leverages opportunities in print, Internet and television, marks a departure from the Association’s traditional, print-based approach to breed promotions.

“By spreading our message across a number of opportunities, we believe our message will reach a wider audience of producers who should be using Angus genetics to improve their bottom lines,” says Bryce Schumann, Association CEO. “In developing our campaign’s message, we used information developed by Certified Angus Beef’s Supply Development team, which has evaluated economic data on hundreds of thousands of cattle.”

The campaign will expand in early October with a strong advertising presence in state, regional and national beef publications.

The Association’s Internet presence will also be increased through its partnership with, a leading news website for the U.S. cattle industry.

The first of several television commercials, which will be aired this fall on RFD-TV and by other satellite networks, can be viewed by clicking on the window below.

“This is a new approach for the Association, because we’re inviting anyone who has a stake in the Angus business to help us spread the word about this great breed of cattle,” adds Schumann. “Anyone who has a website can incorporate the video below into their own site. If you have questions on how to do so, we encourage you to talk to Rich Masoner, manager of API web services, who can provide you with assistance. We will release other Internet-based videos later this fall, and let the industry know they’re available for widespread use.”

View the new commercial spot at

For more information, contact Eric Grant: [email protected] or 816-383-5118

To add this commercial spot to your website, contact Rich Masoner: [email protected] or 816-383-5239