American Angus Association Makes “840” Tags Available to Producers Through the USDA Process Verified AngusSource Program

“840” tag options are now available through the AngusSource® Process Verified Program. The 840 tag is an official ear tag that can be used for all regulatory programs such as interstate commerce, disease control programs, COOL, etc. It has the 15-digit Animal Identification Number imprinted on the tag, the first three numbers, 840, stand for U.S.A.

“At the American Angus Association® we strive to stay ahead of industry trends and requirements. As we look to the future we believe that making the 840 tags available through AngusSource will position us to offer our members and their customers an opportunity to meet evolving government and marketing requirements,” says Jim Shirley, American Angus Association vice president of industry relations.

“The use of the 840 tags in American Angus programs is significant,” says Neil Hammerschmidt, Coordinator, National Animal Identification System (NAIS). “Moving forward with national animal identification through industry-based programs that can also enhance disease control measures is a win-win for everyone. Having animals identified with 840 tags before a disease event happens provides the infrastructure to respond in a timely way and minimize the detrimental effects; it’s really taking the proactive approach. We would not be where we are today without the support and leadership of partners like the American Angus Association.”

Producers wishing to utilize the NAIS-approved 840 tags must have properly registered their premises. They will then be able to choose between two 840 tag options. AngusSource will offer an 840 visual ($1) and an 840 RFID-matched pair set ($3.25). 840 tags will be printed just like the traditional AngusSource program compliant tag. The only change is that instead of a 15-digit USA number, the tag will utilize a 15-digit “840” number and the visual tag will carry the U.S. shield on the front and back. The words “Unlawful to Remove” will also be printed on the back. Producers must pay a $10 processing fee for each order in addition to other program charges.

“It is important that producers realize this is just one option, not a requirement,” Shirley explains. “Producers who do not want to register their premises or utilize the 840 tags can continue to use the traditional AngusSource program tags.”

Regardless of what tag option the producers choose, all cattle enrolled in AngusSource are source, age and genetically verified and all producers receive marketing support through an on-line listing site and the ability to customize marketing documents.

AngusSource is just one of the programs of the American Angus Association designed to help commercial producers market their Angus-sired calves. The Association, with headquarters in Saint Joseph, Mo., provides programs and services like AngusSource to its more than 36,000 members and thousands of commercial cattle producers nationwide. For more information go to


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