American Angus Association® Members Approve Amendments

Delegates from throughout the U.S. and Canada traveled to Louisville, Ky., last week to attend the American Angus Association’s 127th Annual Convention of Delegates. Elected delegates met Monday, Nov. 15, to conduct Association business and to elect five directors to the Association Board of Directors.

The meeting was held at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center in conjunction with the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) Super-Point Roll of Victory (ROV) Angus Show.

In addition to electing five directors from the unprecedented slate of 10 board candidates, the delegates approved four amendments to the Association’s bylaws, including:

• An amendment to Article II, Section 2.5, that defines and distinguishes between the two types of life memberships now recognized by the Association: the previous life memberships issued prior to Oct. 1, 1980, and those life memberships issued after Jan. 1, 2010.

• An amendment to Article III, Section 3.1, re-affirms that delegates will be selected to represent members at the Annual Meeting (Convention of Delegates) and that such delegates will be selected under the Bylaws by a representative of each active life or active regular member.

• An amendment to Article III, Section 3.6 (a), re-affirms that each active life or active regular membership will have the right to nominate one delegate candidate.

• An amendment to Article III, Section 3.6 (c), provides that only one representative of an active life or active regular membership will be eligible to serve as a delegate candidate. As a result, a single membership cannot have more than one delegate candidate. This amendment also describes the process by which an individual shall be selected as a delegate candidate in those situations in which two or more individuals associated with a single membership are nominated. It also describes how that one person will be selected if more than one person per membership is nominated to be a candidate delegate.

“The amendment revisions were offered to the delegates in an effort to more clearly define the intent they were written in, to provide one membership with one vote, ” Don Laughlin, Association director of member services, says.

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