American Gelbvieh Association Hires Frank Padilla as Director of Breed Promotion

The American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) is pleased to announce the addition of Frank Padilla as the Director of Breed Promotion to the association’s staff. Padilla begins working for the AGA on January 20, 2010.

Padilla, of Henderson, Colo., has 42 years of diversified, hands on experience in all aspects of the beef cattle industry. Most recently, Padilla was the Director of Member and Commercial Services for the North American Limousin Foundation for four years. Prior to that experience, he was the General Manager of Operations for Schroeder Cattle Company in western Nebraska for over 20 years.

With his extensive knowledge of the beef industry, Padilla has spoke at numerous industry seminars, university workshops and Beef Improvement Federation meetings. In addition, he has judged many of the nation’s top livestock shows across the country including the National Western Stock Show.

“We look forward to the experience and expertise in cattle marketing that Frank brings to the American Gelbvieh Association,” said Al Knapp, American Gelbvieh Association newly elected President and chair of the search committee.

In his duties as AGA Director of Breed Promotion, Padilla will be responsible for the development and implementation of AGA marketing strategies, objectives and programs creating maximum value for Gelbvieh genetics for AGA members and their commercial customers. The Director of Breed Promotion is the official spokesperson for the AGA and its members.

“There is great potential for the Gelbvieh breed to positively impact the beef industry. The breed offers cattle producers added growth and muscle, a powerful momma cow, and the ability to compliment economically important traits in a crossbreeding program,” said Padilla. “I look forward to serving AGA members and to working with commercial producers with their use of Gelbvieh genetics.”

Padilla will work closely with the Director of Administration Dianne Coffman and the Director of Breed Improvement Susan Knights Willmon in a newly developed three-way organizational matrix to assure the smooth operation of the American Gelbvieh Association. In addition, Padilla will work with the AGA Area Coordinators, who are the field staff representatives for the association. He will also collaborate on promotional and advertising materials with the Director of Communications.

“One of Frank’s first responsibilities will be to hire a third Area Coordinator to cover the Midwestern region of the country,” commented Knapp. The AGA’s Western region Area Coordinator is Don Danell and the Eastern region Area Coordinator is Steve Peddicord. “The three AGA Area Coordinators are available to assist commercial producers identify marketing opportunities for Gelbvieh influenced cattle and to help producers add Gelbvieh genetics in a crossbreeding program,” noted Knapp.

Frank Padilla will work out of the AGA headquarters in Westminster, Colo., and is available by calling 303-465-2333 or by email at [email protected] Don Danell can be reached at 406-538-5622 or by email at [email protected] Steve Peddicord can be reached at 606-688-4492 or by email at [email protected]