Angus Genetics Inc.®and IGENITY® Announce Profile Expansion

Industry’s most comprehensive DNA profile now includes 21 traits

SAINT JOSEPH, Mo. — January 4, 2011 — Angus Genetics Inc.®(AGI) and IGENITY®, a division of Merial, announce the expansion of the IGENITY profile for Angus. The addition of analyses on eight economically important traits makes the IGENITY profile for Angus the most comprehensive profile available in the industry.

The IGENITY profile for Angus now provides analyses for 21 traits, with the inclusion of dry matter intake, birth weight, mature height, mature weight, milk, scrotal circumference, weaning weight and yearling height.

“We are constantly working to improve and expand the IGENITY profile for Angus and provide producers with solutions to all of their production needs,” says Dr. Stewart Bauck, IGENITY executive director of research and development. “The expansion of the IGENITY profile for Angus makes this technology more useful and cost-effective than ever before.”

The IGENITY profile for Angus is the only DNA profile used by AGI, a subsidiary of the American Angus Association® (AAA).

“With these new analyses, and those already included in the IGENITY profile for Angus, producers can be more confident than ever in their herd management decisions,” says Bill Bowman, AGI president. “We are excited about the expansion of the IGENITY profile because it will continue to give Angus breeders a significant advantage in the marketplace today.”

Current customers of IGENITY will have the first preview of this profile expansion.

“Customers who have submitted samples in 2010 will receive, free of charge, updated scores of each animal profiled during that period,” says Dr. Bauck. “Those updates have been included on those animals, and all new samples received will be analyzed for all traits in the newly updated IGENITY profile for Angus.”

Dr. Bauck adds that the power of DNA, through the comprehensive IGENITY profile for Angus, can help producers have more confidence they are introducing cattle that will help improve the overall genetic composition of their herd and help avoid costly mistakes.

“Less risk and faster genetic progress – the expanded IGENITY profile for Angus is an incredible value for beef producers,” says Bowman.

Through the expanded DNA offering from IGENITY, Angus producers can receive analyses on 21 economically important traits:

• Dry Matter Intake

• Birth Weight

• Mature Height

• Mature Weight

• Milk

• Scrotal Circumference

• Weaning Weight

• Yearling Weight

• Marbling

• Ribeye Area

• Fat Thickness

• Carcass Weight

• Tenderness

• Percent Choice (quality grade)

• Heifer Pregnancy

• Maternal Calving Ease

• Direct Calving Ease

• Docility

• Average Daily Gain

• Feed Efficiency

• Yearling Height

Plus the option to test for BVD-PI, coat color, parentage, CA, NH and AM in the same sample.

In addition, producers can choose to use a combination radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and tissue collection device, making the DNA collection and electronic identification possible in one simple step. IGENITY also offers user-friendly information management software programs and expert one-on-one help to assist producers in turning this inside information into actionable knowledge.

For more information about IGENITY, contact your IGENITY sales representative, call (877) 443-6489 or visit For more information about the American Angus Association, contact your Angus regional manager or call (816) 383-5100.

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