Angus Releases Genomic-Enhanced Calving Ease EPD

The American Angus Association® and Angus Genetics Inc. ® (AGI) have again expanded their offering of genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences (EPDs).

Beginning today, the calving ease direct (CED) EPD joins AGI’s suite of genomic-enhanced selection tools generated using the Association’s extensive performance database and genomic results now provided by both the High Density 50K (HD 50K) platform from Pfizer Animal Genetics and the Igenity® Profile for Angus.

The calving ease direct EPD helps cattlemen predict the average difference in ease with which a sire’s calves will be born when he is bred to first-calf heifers. Expressed as a difference in percentage of unassisted births, a higher value indicates greater calving ease in first-calf heifers.

“Now, the calving ease direct EPD utilizes DNA data submitted by breeders to provide even more accurate selection capabilities,” says Bill Bowman, AGI president and Association chief operating officer (COO).

AGI offers genomic-enhanced EPDs for calving ease, carcass, growth (including birth, weaning and yearling weight EPDs; as well as milk) and residual average daily gain (RADG) traits incorporating genomic data from both Pfizer Animal Genetics and Igenity. A genomic-enhanced EPD for docility incorporating Igenity results is also available. (Click here for a complete, regularly updated list of available genomic-enhanced EPDs.)

“These and all other National Cattle Evaluation EPDs are released every Friday and provide Angus producers of any herd size with the most up-to-date information for their selection decisions,” says Sally Northcutt, Association director of genetic research.

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For more information contact:

Bill Bowman, chief operating officer, at 816-383-5100 or [email protected]; or

Crystal Albers, assistant director of communications, at 816-383-5100 or [email protected]