Angus Tag Store Offers Low-Cost ID Options

Five percent of net orders donated to Angus Foundation.

Developing an identification system is a critical component of any cattle operation — but it shouldn’t be costly. That’s why the American Angus Association® developed the American Angus Tag Store, available at

The interactive site offers customizable, low-cost tag options and easy online ordering.

“Since the introduction of the AngusSource® ear tag, producers have asked if they can purchase ranch tags and other ID products from the Association,” says Sara Snider, Association AngusSource director. “Our partnership with tag manufacturer Destron FearingTM allows us to meet those needs.”

Plus, Destron Fearing has agreed to donate five percent of net proceeds to the Angus Foundation to support the Beef Leaders Institute (BLI), the American Angus Association’s leadership and educational training program geared toward Angus breeders 25-45 years old.

“Destron’s generosity gives producers the chance to order from an affordable, wide selection of tag options while simultaneously making a contribution to an important Angus program,” Snider says.

The Tag Store offers Duflex® visual identification panel tags, e. Tags®, Combo e.Tags®, ChoiceSetsTM, and COOLTagsTM in a wide range of customizable tag options.

“For example, producers can purchase extra-large panel tags, custom-printed with their name, phone number, management code and ranch name for $0.99 a tag,” Snider says. “There’s something there for everyone.”

Just select the tag type, color and then customize and preview the tag prior to ordering. Management numbers; text, such as names and phone numbers; logos; and brands may be included on the tag front, back and stud, depending on tag type chosen.

The options are available to anyone.

“Producers don’t have to be members of the Association to order,” Snider explains.

In addition to tags, the Tag Store offers applicators, readers and other tag-related products. Tags are manufactured in 3 to 5 business days and shipped directly to the producer via UPS ground.

To order tags or for more information, visit or call the Association at 816-383-5100.