AngusSource® Calves Earn Premiums

American Angus Association® verification program continues to add value to Angus-sired calves.

Cattlemen faced economic hardships throughout 2009, but those enrolled in AngusSource® weathered the storm — earning significantly higher prices for documented Angus-sired calves.

According to data from Superior Livestock Auction, AngusSource calves sold June through September 2009 earned an average $2.65 more per hundredweight (cwt.) than non-verified calves, and an additional $1.08 more per cwt. than other age- and source-verified calves sold through Superior Livestock Auction’s video sales.

“That’s a considerable advantage for Angus-sired cattle and proof that AngusSource helps producers add value to their calves,” Sara Snider, AngusSource director, says.

Now entering its fifth year as a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Process Verified Program (PVP), AngusSource documents age, source and a minimum of 50% Angus genetics. Since 2005, the number of head enrolled in the American Angus Association program has steadily increased.

In FY 2009, 122,760 head were enrolled in the program, increasing enrollments by 8.5% and bringing total enrollments to more than 390,000 head since AngusSource was initiated as a PVP in 2005. The average lot size also increased, from 146 head to 161 head.

In addition, producers marketed 18.7% more cattle through online AngusSource cattle listings, which are e-mailed to more than 600 potential buyers each week.

“Once cattle are enrolled in AngusSource, producers are able to document additional health and management information prior to marketing through the online listing. Our goal is to assist our customers with marketing their calves, and we’re proud of our reputation for integrity,” Snider says. “Each year we continue to make the system better and offer additional services to our customers.”

In August, AngusSource began offering services to more producers through Gateway — a second-tier source- and age-verification program with no genetic requirements. Producers who enroll cattle in Gateway have access to the online listing site and other marketing support offered through AngusSource.

AngusSource also continues to operate its feedyard umbrella, assisting farmer feeders and commercial yards in targeting finished, age-verified calves for the Japan export market. Participating feedyards reported earning as much as $35 per head in FY 2009.

AngusSource and Gateway are among the many American Angus Association programs designed to help commercial producers market Angus-sired calves. The American Angus Association is the nation’s largest beef organization, serving more than 30,000 members across the United States and Canada. It provides programs and services to farmers, ranchers and others who rely on the power of Angus to produce quality genetics for the beef industry and quality beef for consumers.

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