AngusSource Surpasses Half-Million Mark

The American Angus Association®’s AngusSource® program reached an important milestone this week, surpassing 500,000 head enrolled since the age-, source- and Angus genetic-verification program became a USDA Process Verified Program (PVP) in 2005.

Since that time, more than 1,600 producers have enrolled in AngusSource, helping fuel the program’s steady tradition of annual growth — including this year’s 18.2% increase in number of head enrolled.

“The genetic-verification component sets AngusSource apart from other age- and source-verification programs,” Sara Snider, AngusSource director, says. “The exponential growth we see year after year is a testament to the value of Angus genetics.

“Producers continue to show interest in the program, with some enrolling for the 11th or 12th time, and we continue to see growth with new producers joining the program.”

In fact, two years of video auction data shows significant premiums for producers who verify their calves’ genetics through AngusSource — up to $3.37 per hundredweight (cwt.) over non-verified calves and an additional $1.29 per cwt. above other age- and source-verified cattle.

“The 20-month age requirement for the Japanese export market is also a driving force behind growing enrollments,” Snider says.

Marketing aspects of the program, including an online service that lists enrolled cattle, also add value for producers. Weekly updates are distributed to more than 600 potential buyers through the service.

“We are starting to see more customers utilize the online listing service to market their calves,” Snider says. “By documenting their vaccinations and other valuable management practices we are able to help promote their calves and notify potential buyers of when and where the calves are selling.”

AngusSource also now offers Gateway, a second-tier program that documents only age and source, and the program also offers PVP coverage to feedyards through the AngusSource Feedyard Umbrella.

“We are proud as an Association to offer a comprehensive, industry-leading program to help our customers receive the full value of their calves,” Snider says.

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