Applegate Livestock Equipment Gains Exclusive Rights to Market & Distribute Feedtrain’s Livestock Feeding Equipment

Applegate Livestock Equipment positioned to better meet needs of a growing customer base with exclusive agreement for marketing and distribution of Feedtrain products.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada- November 4, 2008- Applegate Livestock Equipment (Applegate) of Union City, Indiana, a division of Ag Growth Industries, has signed an exclusive agreement with Feedtrain LLC (Feedtrain) of Unionville, Missouri to market and distribute its entire line of portable and stationary livestock feeding equipment. Feedtrain manufactures a quality line of stationary and mobile feed bunks, portable creep feeders as well as stationary and mobile bulk feed bins.

Feedtrain has a strong presence in Missouri, but will benefit from Applegate’s established distribution and transportation network. Feedtrain founder Bob Lutz explains, “Working with Applegate will give us access to a wider distribution network, additional financial resources to support increased sales and a customer base reaching out to 40 states and Canada. For these reasons we view Applegate as an ideal business partner.”

Paul Franzmann, Ag Growth’s VP of Corporate Development, shares Lutz’s enthusiasm. “Ag Growth saw the possibility for a mutually beneficial distribution and marketing agreement. Feedtrain is passionate about building quality products that are designed with the livestock producer in mind. Its product line adds depth to Applegate’s catalog and enables us to better meet the needs of our growing customer base,” states Franzmann.

According to Applegate’s Sales Manager, Aaron Applegate, dealers and distributors will also benefit from this new agreement. “Dealers and distributors can now order Applegate product with Feedtrain items, take advantage of combined freight and facilitate the ordering of drop-shipments from Applegate and Feedtrain,” explains Applegate.

Transition of Feedtrain’s existing customer base to Applegate will occur over the coming weeks, while the manufacturing of product continues at Feedtrain in Unionville.

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