ASABE Establishes Agricultural Baling Twine Standards

As a result of efforts initiated and driven by Fabpro Oriented Polymers, the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has revised the standard for agricultural baling twines (ANSI/ASAE S3158.4, Agricultural Baling Twine for Automatic Balers) to include changes ensuring that bale footage and twine strengths meet declared values, that twine uniformity is consistent and will deliver optimal performance in a properly adjusted baler knotter, that twine is properly stabilized to meet requirements for weatherability and ultra-violet (UV) protection, and to standardize quality control test lab methods and frequencies. In setting this standard, ASABE is addressing a common complaint from agricultural baling twine consumers that they sometimes buy product that fails to meet the specifications stated on the label.

The need to update the standard and to hold each manufacturer accountable for their product quality is necessary given the ever increasing number of product suppliers and the ongoing developments of higher performing baler twines. Fabpro Oriented Polymers, a leading agricultural baling twine manufacturer, took an active role in the process and fully supports the resulting new specifications and the benefits they provide to baling twine purchasers.

“Fabpro wholeheartedly agrees with the ASABE that it is important for the consumer to understand the minimum performance expectations of the baler twine products they purchase, and that each manufacturer delivers a product that meets or exceeds these stated performance expectations,” said John Ashworth, Sales Manager – Agriculture Division for Fabpro Oriented Polymers.  “We believe these revisions to ANSI/ASAE S315.4 will help baling twine consumers get what they pay for.”

Conformance to the ANSI/ASAE S315.4, Agricultural Baling Twine for Automatic Balers is voluntary for manufacturers. To ensure consumers are receiving only the highest quality baling twine, they should look for the “Manufactured and Tested in Accordance with ASABE Standard ANSI/ASABE S315.4” sticker on products produced by quality manufacturers, such as Fabpro Oriented Polymers’ premium baling twines.

Fabpro Oriented Polymers has been a leading U.S. agricultural baler twine manufacturer for more than 37 years, and has manufacturing facilities located in Kingman, Kan. and Clearfield, Utah.

ASABE is a recognized worldwide as a standards developing organization for food, agricultural, and biological systems, with more than 240 standards currently in publication.

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