Association to Run Weekly Carcass Evaluation

Updated carcass trait EPDs online, scheduled for weekly release.

The American Angus Association® has issued its first release of genomic-enhanced EPDs for multiple carcass traits, now available at through AAA Login or EPD/Pedigree lookup.

In an industry first, the updated National Cattle Evaluation (NCE) carcass trait EPDs are scheduled for weekly release and incorporate available breed-specific DNA profile results from the IGENITY® Profile for Angus in addition to all pedigree and performance information.

Through the use of new technologies, Angus NCE EPDs can be provided across the complete performance database for carcass traits, encompassing nearly 2 million animals. Genomic, carcass and ultrasound databases can be used to calculate NCE EPDs each week for Angus breeders and industry allies.

The process bypasses the need for interim procedures on animals with genomic profile results and speeds the information exchange for newly arriving ultrasound and carcass data received at the Association.

Visit to access the NCE genomic-enhanced EPDs for carcass traits. For more information call the Association at 816-383-5100 or e-mail [email protected]