Aurora Pharmaceutical's New CLARITY- Ultrasound Ge

Aurora Pharmaceutical is proud to introduce CLARITY Ultrasound Gel, Medium Viscosity.

Ultrasound gel is used to avoid intense sound reflections caused by air pockets at the borderline between the ultrasonic probe and skin. The best ultrasonic media is free of air bubbles to ensure perfect sound transmission. Liquids like water and alcohols are suitable media, however, they are inappropriate with regard to their volatility and low viscosity.

CLARITY Ultrasound Gel was developed as a coupling medium to facilitate transmission of the ultrasound energy from the machine head to the tissue. Good contact leads to better image quality. CLARITY Ultrasound Gel is fluid, so it fills all available spaces yet remains viscous enough so that it stays in place.

CLARITY Ultrasound Gel stays put on the probe and its “bubble free” formulation consistently delivers superior image quality, as determined in several field tests of the product. CLARITY Ultrasound Gel is available in gallons and convenient 16 oz. snap-cap bottles, which can be refilled.


  1. Highly conductive, clear (bubble free) transmission
  2. Long lasting, low absorption – no need to reapply as often
  3. Smooth consistency spreads easily without running or drying prematurely
  4. Non-greasy, non-staining, water-soluble clear formulation
  5. Contains no salt, alcohol or fragrance
  6. Non-corrosive – will not damage equipment

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