Beck Ag Launches Private Networking Site for Ag Professionals

OMAHA — March 24, 2011 —Beck Ag, the leading provider of experience-sharing marketing strategies for agriculture in North America, recently launched, a website that offers ag professionals from across the country the opportunity to learn and stay connected.

Margaret Oldham, Director of Innovation and Opportunity for Beck Ag, says that BeckAgConnects is unique in that it is a members-only, on-line community strictly for ag professionals. Current members of the site range from producers, veterinarians, consultants, and retailers, and are able to share experiences, ideas and solutions to improve their business results. BeckAgConnects provides ag professionals a unique environment to share information and ideas through candid dialogue with their peers in a closed social network.

In order to join BeckAgConnects, members must meet certain minimum criteria, assuring the safety and privacy of all members of the site. Oldham said, “We believe it’s important for growers, retailers and all ag professionals to have a private place to discuss issues that are important to them. There are plenty of social media tools available to reach the consumer audience, but we need a place to talk to each other.”

Members of BeckAgConnects currently have access to five open discussion groups focused on topics for ag professionals, such as: farm policy, marketing, business planning, and agricultural advocacy. In addition to the open discussion groups, some members are invited to participate in private discussion groups about production issues and product use sponsored by companies like Bayer and BASF.

Oldham says that BeckAgConnects is both easy to navigate and consistently updated and monitored. “Research has shown that the agricultural industry is relying more and more on the web to deliver the information they need. This site is a spot for ag professionals to share experiences and gain credible information from their peers that they can use to make the best decisions for their businesses. We encourage all ag professionals to come to the site and join the conversation.”

To request membership, simply go to and click on “join now”. If you’re interested in sponsoring a private discussion group, contact Margaret Oldham @ 901-854-4931 or [email protected]

To listen to an interview conducted by Truffle Media with Margaret Oldham on the topic BeckAgConnects and social media in agriculture, visit: ABOUT BECK AG - Beck Ag consults with agricultural clients to integrate experience-sharing marketing solutions and provide educational opportunities for their clients’ customers. Beck Ag’s ability to talk with the marketplace and influence targeted prospects has been verified by several Purdue University research studies, and their work has been recognized numerous times by the National Agri-Marketing Association.

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