Beefmaster E6 Females Increase Sale Average

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Beefmaster enthusiasts traveled to Columbus, Texas, on April 25 to

attend the 6th Annual Beefmaster Breeders United National E6 Replacement Female Sale. This

year’s sale not only had repeat buyers, but also a barn full of consistent, quality cattle. To

compliment the impressive crowd turnout, there were 117 pairs, 64 bred heifers, 12 exposed

heifers and 73 open heifers, respectively. The sale averaged $1199 and grossed $318,880 with

the 266 lots.

Trey Scherer, the current Chairman of BBU’S National E6 Sale, said the overall average of the

sale was impressive with an increase in cattle quality.

“Averages were up $200 this year,” Scherer said. “Last year there was a severe drought that may

have affected prices, but last year’s sale still had consistently high prices.”

The Grand Champion pen of pairs was consigned by Collier Farms from Brenham, Texas, and

was sold to V Seven Cattle Co. of Myersville, Texas. The five head sold for $2050 apiece.

Curtiss Waggoner from Lexington, Texas consigned the top selling pen of bred heifers and sold

them to M J Raymond of Groesbeck, Texas. $1350 was the price for each of the five head.

Burnell Gates from San Antonio, Texas, purchased the 1st place open heifers, pen. This pen of

six head sold for $875 apiece. Collier Farms from Brenham, Texas, was the consigner. The topselling

lot was a pen of five black mottle underline pairs selling for $2150 and was consigned by

Collier Farms from Brenham, Texas.

Females were judged in pen competition prior to the sale and the results were posted the day of

the sale. A minimum age of 12 months by sale date was set and females up to 48 months of age

were accepted if they had a calf at side. Any female over 38 months had to have a calf-at-side,

while females had to be bred by 24 months of age. Only the females certified in BBU’s Certified

Commercial E6 Beefmaster Female Program were eligible to sell or her progeny if the owner

had E6 females consigned. An E6 certified female is an animal that is the offspring of either a

registered Beefmaster bull or female and has been inspected and certified by a member of the

BBU staff. Females must be at least 50 percent Beefmaster but may be up to 100 percent

Beefmaster. The female will be identified with either an E6 brand or an E6 ear tag once accepted

by the BBU inspector. Breeders must be members of the program to be eligible to certify females

for the E6 program. The cost to join is $25 a year and the cost to certify females is $10.00 per


The sale had volume buyers, whom consisted of Tony Varisco of Bryan, Texas; Brad Hauerland

from Columbus, Texas; Craig Zwahr and Mike Nulisch of Needville, Texas; Mark Bennett from

Scammon, Kan.; Woodrow and Barbara Guidry of Roanoke, La.; and Burnell Gates from San

Antonio, Texas.

“One of the biggest successes of the E6 sale is not only bringing in new customers, but also the

continued buyers,” Scherer said. “The measure of success of any sale is the repeat buyers

because the cattle are so successful for them.”

The E6 Commercial Beefmaster Female Program was named for the six essentials that the breed

was founded on—fertility, conformation, weight, milk production, hardiness and disposition.

These are commercial females and although they are issued a commercial female certificate, they

are not to be confused with registered, purebred Beefmaster females. The association created this

program to bring credit to these outstanding commercial females.

For more information and results, please call the BBU office at 210/732-3132, or visit the Web