Benchmarking Brangus Performance Genetics

All of you are well aware the absolute dedication of Spitzer Ranch to data driven genetic improvement through judicious use of every important piece of performance information, especially EPDs. The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) recently released the FALL-2011 Brangus National Cattle Evaluation and published the Brangus Sire Summary with the most current EPDs on all Brangus animals. As part of the Sire Summary, IBBA summarizes the latest breed-leading genetic statistics in the form of Trait Leader Lists.

The Brangus Trait Leader Lists (TLL) compile the best 25 sires for each EPD evaluated. Spitzer Ranch bulls account for 12 slots on the Brangus Fall-2011 TLL. These bulls include the fantastic Catawba Warrior R532 who ranks in the Top 4% or better for 5 traits and top 15% or better for 2 additional traits. R532 occupies four places on the TLL as the #15 bull for YW, the #17 bull for Rib Eye Area, the #11 bull for Scrotal Circumference and the #3 bull for increased Fat. AND, following the Spitzer Ranch emphasis on “curve bender” genetics, R532 is one of only four bulls on the Yearling Weight TLL with a negative Birth Weight EPD.

Need calving ease in a package that does not sacrifice growth? An absolutely extreme “curve bender” bull is SR Cadence Warrior S702, the #7 bull on the Low Birth Weight TLL with a BW EPD of negative 4.6 pounds. But just as important, S702 garners the highest Yearling Weight EPD of all bulls on the Birth Weight TLL and he ranks in the Top 25% or better for a total of 5 traits. These are only highlights as there are seven Spitzer Ranch bred bulls on the FALL-2011 TLL.

Additionally, almost all of their cows carry the genetics of the two foundation sires; Cadence of Brinks 535D3 (#2 on the TLL for both Milk and Total Maternal EPDs) and Aces TF Wrangler 145/8 (currently on TLL at #7 for Milk, #10 for Total Maternal, #25 for Marbling and #20 for increased Fat EPDs).

The Spitzers are obviously quite proud of these results as they are really very small breeders as far as cow numbers are concerned. Spitzer Ranch currently lists only 69 cows on the Brangus Total Herd Reporting inventory. Until 2009 when they purchased the Deer Crossing Cattle Ranch mature cow herd from Richard and Elaine Sherrill, seldom did they have more than 30-40 cows. Spitzer Ranch has always dedicated themselves and their entire program to genetically designing cattle that work in the real world of the Professional Cattleman. Genetics and more importantly genetic selection headed in the right direction works. If you want to put 30 years of genetic selection to work for you, give Spitzer Ranch a serious look.

The Spitzer Ranch SUMMER 2011 NEWSLETTER has already been mailed to those individuals on their mailing list. However, if you desire a complete performance report on bulls being developed for their sale; including current EPDs, birth and weaning data as well as current rates of gain on the growth and development program, they would be pleased to mail you a copy. Their Newsletters always provide educational tips, inspiration and insights into a wide variety of timely topics of interest to those cattlemen whose goal is increased profitability. Call 864/972-9140, write SPITZER RANCH, 1511 HWY 59, Fair Play, SC, 29643 or send an email to [email protected] And you’re invited to visit them at and follow their posts on Facebook. The 2012 SPITZER RANCH PROFESSIONAL CATTLEMEN’S BRANGUS BULL SALE will be Saturday, February 25, 2012. They hope to see you there!