Brangus Bull Performance Report From The 2011 Spitzer Ranch Professional Cattlemen’s Bull Development Program

A truly outstanding set of bulls are being developed to be available for the February 2012 sale at Spitzer Ranch. Bulls currently have an overall ADG of 3.29 pounds on a ration of grass, a commodity feed blend and free choice bermudagrass hay. Bulls are never pushed for maximum gain, but developed into the sound, functional and athletic sires needed to get out and get the job done. Many systems get much higher ADGs, resulting in extremely over-fat bulls. Spitzer Ranch bulls are consistently at less than ¼ inches of outside fat when ultrasound scanned as 1200-1400 pound yearlings. That’s one of the reasons their bulls are developed on a 168-Day growing ration rather than the typical 112-Day or 140-Day “gain test” used by many others.

Consistent with their “curve bender” genetic philosophy, three quarters of these bulls have BW EPDs less than the Brangus Nonparent breed average of 0.7 pounds. In fact the average Spitzer Ranch bull would rank in the Top 20% for all Brangus Nonparent bulls; and comparing averages for all Spitzer Ranch Brangus bulls against the entire Nonparent Brangus breed average calculates to 1.2 pound less BW EPD. But, that lower BW EPD is accompanied by more growth with 3 pounds more WW EPD and 6 pounds more YW EPD than Nonparent breed average. There are individual bulls in the mix with an even better EPD profile.

A full 60% of these bulls will be flagged as true calving ease bulls suitable for use on heifers being bred for their first calf. As an added bonus, 85% of these bulls have MK and TM EPDs greater than breed average with milk and maternal EPD averages placing them in the Top 10% of all Brangus Nonparent bulls. These bulls will assuredly sire daughters destined to be at the top of the class for those fantastic Brangus Gold replacement females.

You should attend their sale expecting to see a group of well developed Brangus bulls with the best Curve Bender Genetics to sell anywhere in the country. And all the work with vaccinations and herd health, data collection and a complete breeding soundness evaluation (BSE) are a part of the package. There should also be a nice number of crossbred Brangus females from the herds of some of their best customers. Strict and complete health and vaccination requirements are maintained for all consigned females.

The Spitzers no longer routinely mail Bull Sale Catalogs to their entire mailing list, but anyone who has previously bought bulls will receive a copy by mail. A downloadable Bull Sale Catalog will be available at for you to print for yourself approximately February 1, 2012. If you do not have access to a computer they will be pleased to mail a printed copy on request.

If you desire to receive Newsletters with complete performance reports on bulls being developed for sale (including current EPDs, birth and weaning data as well as current rates of gain on the growth and development program) get in touch and they would be pleased to add your name to their mailing list. Their increasingly popular Newsletters always provide educational tips, inspiration and insights into a wide variety of timely topics of interest to those cattlemen whose goal is increased profitability. Call 864/972-9140, write SPITZER RANCH, 1511 HWY 59, Fair Play, SC, 29643 or send an email to [email protected] And you are invited to visit them at and follow their posts on Facebook. The 2012 SPITZER RANCH PROFESSIONAL CATTLEMEN’S BRANGUS BULL SALE will be at the ranch in Fair Play, SC Saturday, February 25, 2012. They hope to see you there!

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