Carcass Traits in IGENITY® Profile Now More Powerful

Analyses in the IGENITY profile validated by NBCEC

DULUTH, Ga — September 22, 2008 — With the addition of genetic markers, the comprehensive IGENITY® profile has become an even more powerful tool for beef producers. DNA markers have been added to the analyses for marbling, quality grade, yield grade, hot carcass weight, fat thickness and ribeye area — making them more valuable for the evaluation of these economically important traits. In addition, marbling, quality grade and fat thickness — three of the most economically important carcass traits — are now validated by the National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium (NBCEC). “We are constantly working to add markers that have a significant impact on the traits analyzed in the comprehensive IGENITY profile. By adding new markers, we have increased the amount of genetic variation accounted for in each analysis,” says Dr. Stewart Bauck, Executive Director of Strategic Marketing, IGENITY. “In addition, the third-party validation of these analyses from the NBCEC confirms that they are an accurate tool for producers to use to evaluate these economically important traits.” These markers were licensed from several universities and third-party research organizations, Dr. Bauck says. Through an extensive, multistep internal and third-party validation process — conducted in multiple populations, representing a diverse group of breeds and more than 5,600 head of cattle — each marker was found to be significant in predicting the traits expressed.1 The IGENITY profile has the most comprehensive list of traits that have passed the rigorous validation process conducted by the NBCEC. With the addition of these markers, Dr. Bauck says the spread between a score of 1 from IGENITY and a score of 10 is now larger. (See chart below.) “The difference between scores for these carcas traits from IGENITY now represent a greater spread, which means producers can more accurately pinpoint an animal’s potential — early in each stage of production,” Dr. Bauck says. “For example, the difference in a score of 1 and a score of 10 for ribeye area is 2.56 inches. And the analysis for marbling represents a difference of 161.4 marbling points, which equals almost two USDA Quality Grades when comparing an animal with a score of 1 with an animal with a score of 10.”1 In addition to these carcass traits, the comprehensive IGENITY profile includes multiple marker analyses for traits such as feed efficiency,* tenderness, heifer pregnancy rate, stayability (longevity), calving ease, docility, coat color, breed-specific horned/polled, multisire parentage and an optional diagnostic test for persistent infections (PI) of the bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) virus. And IGENITY offers a combination radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and tissue collection device, making DNA collection and electronic identification possible in one simple step. “Producers can use the inside information gained from the IGENITY profile to help make more confident selection, management and marketing decisions early in every stage of production,” Dr. Bauck says. “And, because it is comprehensive, producers can use the IGENITY profile to help evaluate multiple traits that directly affect their bottom line — all from a single DNA sample.” Dr. Bauck adds that the range of traits analyzed, as well as the internal and external validation of those analyses, is unparalleled by any other DNA provider in the beef industry.1

“We are committed to providing the most useful and thoroughly researched technology with the comprehensive IGENITY profile,” Dr. Bauck says. “By analyzing traits in nearly every important aspect of cattle production — and continuing to add to its broad range of analyses — the IGENITY profile empowers producers to evaluate a variety of economically important traits at one time.” For more information, contact your IGENITY Sales Representative, call 1-877-IGENITY or visit .

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The values in this chart reflect the difference expected in animals compared with contemporaries with a score of 1 from the IGENITY® profile. A higher value in each analysis is not necessarily better — it just means the animal has the potential for more of that particular trait. *The analyses for feed efficiency are currently validated and commercially available for Bos indicus-influenced cattle only. Research is under way in Bos taurus cattle and will be available soon. Please check for updated information about the availability of feed efficiency analyses for Bos taurus cattle. 1Data on file at Merial.

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