CEV Launches New “Must Haves” For 2012 Meat Judging Teams

CEV Multimedia has launched the new Meat Science & Food Safety PowerPoint®, the approved resource for the National FFA Meats Evaluation and Technology CDE written exam.

This in-depth presentation is the sole reference material for the written exam for the National FFA Meats Evaluation and Technology Career and Development Event (CDE) beginning 2012. It contains updated information regarding animal care, meat handling and safety, buying meat, nutrition of meat, meat cookery, processed meats and food safety.

“CEV was our first choice to develop a resource that will provide up-to-date, applicable information for students to study for the written exam,” said Dr. Randy Harp, Tarleton State University professor and Chairman of the National FFA Meats Evaluation & Technology CDE. “We are thrilled to have CEV on our team.”

With the launch of the Meat Science & Food Safety presentation also comes the launch of the new Retail Cut ID DVD, featuring the newly-approved cuts of the National FFA and 4-H; both “must have” resources for all 2012 meat judging teams.

Customers can visit to purchase the new Meat Science & Food Safety PowerPoint and the Retail Cut ID DVD.

About CEV Multimedia, Ltd.:

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