(OMAHA, Neb.) CLAAS of America Inc. gains recognition from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) for ground breaking industry innovation. For the sixth consecutive year, CLAAS received awards showcasing their capacity to deliver product and systems technology that advance agricultural engineering.

The AE50 awards program honors 50 companies or products for innovative engineering in the areas of agriculture, food and biological systems. Products are judged on specific criteria; they must provide the most profound technology in their industry, improve user safety and benefit producers by saving them time, money and labor.

2010 Awards were presented for the following CLAAS products: LINER 4000 – Operating on such a large scale, the LINER 4000 takes raking to a whole new level. With a 49 ft. 2 in. working width, this center delivery 4-basket rake not only moves in the field but on the road. Traveling in transport position up to 31 miles per hour, the LINER 4000 features a transport axle supported with a pressure accumulator. The swath guard automatically switches from transport to work position and vice versa. It folds with a simple touch of a button and reduces to 12 feet for transportation height so no tine arms need to be removed. Maintenance has never been so simple – there’s no need to grease each tine arm individually because the arms run in an oil bath and have triple bearing support for the heavy duty arms.

DISCO 8400RC PLUS – Designed to maximize efficiency and speed, the DISCO 8400RC PLUS is impressive both in size (working width) and in the technology for faster dry down. The 27 ft. 3 in. triple mower allows for high capacity harvesters to mow and condition crops like alfalfa and clover without damaging the leaves, keeping nutritional content at its peak. The new roller conditioner is simple and unique to CLAAS. The bottom roll is driven and in turn, drives the top roll through its intermeshing design – a simple power transfer concept that eliminates gearboxes and drive shafts. The rolls are spring-loaded and the gap and pressure settings are adjustable. The segmented rollers also allow for low cost replacement – only the 12 in. segment of the roll needs to be replaced versus the entire roll.

Operators can also harvest faster with less wasted time in and out of the cab with the new CLAAS Active Float hydraulic flotation system. With one touch operation direct from the cab, it gives operators the ability to adjust mower flotation and change header pressures for various field conditions. Because of the independently adjustable float, operators have the option of different float pressure on side hills – good news for those who work on hills as the side shift of the mower is eliminated. The flotation system quickly adjusts and helps reduce fuel consumption while Active Float also reduces ash content.