Club Car’s 2012 XRT1550 4x4 -- The Workhorse Of UTVs -- Upgraded

New 4-link Rear Suspension for Smoother Rides and Better Clearance Even When Fully Loaded, Improved Rear Brakes, Clutch and More

Augusta, Ga. (July 15, 2011) -- The design and performance of utility transportation vehicles (UTVs) took a step forward today when Club Car announced several major upgrades to its 2012 XRT1550 4x4. The vehicle will be available Aug. 8, 2011.

“By integrating these advanced systems and features, we are continuing Club Car’s legacy of refining our vehicles and improving the ownership experience,” says David Selby, Club Car’s director of consumer and commercial category. “These upgrades will be particularly beneficial to homeowners with acreage, equestrians and others who are looking for a UTV that can withstand hard work and rough conditions.”

The upgrades include:

A new and exclusive 4-link semi-independent rear suspension system. The design will be unique to Club Car in the U.S. UTV market. It offers independent suspension performance with a solid axle’s strength. The solid axle design is the world-standard for off-road vehicles such as Jeeps, Land Rovers, and pickups.

The 4-link suspension produces:

• 15% lighter suspension that is more nimble and smoother riding over rough terrain even when loaded to capacity.

• Improved durability resulting from increased shock travel when loaded.

• Better ground clearance even when fully loaded. The vehicle can carry bed loads of up to 1,050 pounds over rough, rocky terrain and maintain its axle ground clearance of 7.4 inches while delivering a smooth, comfortable ride—something competitive products can’t do.

• More balanced and improved traction. The suspension’s articulation index increased over 75% on two passenger vehicles and 100% on four passenger vehicles.

This high axle articulation rate means that users will enjoy superior performance and stability even on challenging ground conditions. Vehicles with good axle articulation keep all wheels in contact with the ground while traversing obstacles. In vehicles with low articulation rates, on the other hand, a wheel or possibly two may lift off the ground while attempting to get over an object. This results in a loss of traction and torque at those lifted wheels.

Brake Rotor Upgrade. The brake hub rotor design used on previous models will be replaced with a hat rotor constructed of even more durable material. Since the bearings are separate from the disk, you won’t have to replace the hub each time you replace the disks, cutting maintenance time and costs.

Rear Differential Upgrade. The vehicle’s new differential is designed to improve wear life by 30 percent or more, which reduces the frequency of maintenance.

A Newly Designed Clutch. Upgraded clutches optimize performance and deliver significantly longer, quieter service.

A Sealed Starter on Diesel Models. This protects the starter drive motor from dust, increases dependability and greatly reduces maintenance.

About Club Car’s XRT1550 4x4

The most assertive vehicle in Club Car’s UTV portfolio, the XRT1550 4x4 carries up to 1,200 pounds of cargo and is the only vehicle of its kind with true all-wheel drive, thanks to the exclusive IntelliTrak™ system. Available with gas or diesel engines and in two- or four-passenger models, the XRT1550 give you bragging rights on the hunt, farm or beach and around the neighborhood.

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