Consider Late Summer Seeding

Brookings S.D. - When excess moisture prevented Dennis Clemens from planting native grasses this spring, he wasn't worried. After facing the same challenge last spring, the Spink County Conservation District technician discovered late-summer seeding.

"Late summer seeding works great. It gives us the opportunity to get tougher areas seeded," Clemens said of farm wetland program land and saline soil he planted with cool season grasses and forbs last August. "With all the moisture we've seen lately, saline soils have really become an issue in our area. The only way to take care of the problem is to get something growing on the land to use up the moisture and salts - and since we can't get in to plant in the spring, late summer seeding showed good success last year."

Planting cool season grasses and forbs late August gives the plants enough time to get established before winter, says Jason Tronbak, conservation specialist with Millborn Seeds, Brookings, S.D.

"It also provides landowners with plenty of time to control weeds," said Tronbak, a solutions-focused specialist who has many years experience working with South Dakota Landowners to develop customized land-management plans for wildlife and habitat development. "Before planting, I encourage landowners to spray weeds with a glyphosate product."

Clemens has worked with Tronbak and Millborn Seeds for several years. He says the reasons he works with us are simple.

"The people are knowledgeable - they know the programs and understand the grasses that will work best," Clemens said.

To learn more about late summer seeding and what species will work best on your land, contact Jason Tronbak at [email protected] or 888-498-7333.