Corn Silage Season is Approaching : Don’t put your 2010 feed supply at risk.

Even though you may have done a great job during forage harvest and silage storage, if you pull down the silage into a pile and leave it, you still can lose Dry Matter and nutrients.

The attached management bulletin will show you how even well managed silage bunkers and pits can still have heating and DM loss: A 30F change from piling silage can cost at least 20 lb milk per ton.

Imagine the potential milk loss if the pile sits overnight !

The high dose Lactobacillus buchneri 40788 (available in Biotal Buchneri 40788 and Biotal Buchneri 500) is the only silage treatment reviewed by the FDA and allowed to claim that it will reduce heating/ improve aerobic stability. In global trials it has been shown to enhance shelf life in all forages, and in TMR's produced using silages treated with the Biotal products containing L. buchneri 40788.

To download a copy of the information sheet, click here.


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