CRYSTALYX® Releases Body Condition Score App – BCS Phase 2

In order to deliver an even more effective management tool for supplement and forage decisions, CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements has released an updated version of the Body Condition Score (BCS) app that is used to monitor Body Condition Scores for beef cow herds. The BCS Phase 2 app has additional features and added content to make it more responsive while retaining its simplicity of use.

“We’ve had very positive feedback about the BCS app from cattle producers, and we’ve learned how to make it even better,” Dr. Dan Dhuyvetter, Director of Research and Nutrition Services for Ridley Block Operations, says.

Producers can now edit or save a record as a draft. That means a producer can collect photos in the pasture and score the cattle at a later time or edit the records when time permits. They can also now delete records that are no longer needed.

“The value of a picture record is that when taking BCS photos of the same cow 45 to 60 days later, a producer can determine if the management changes are having the desired effect,” Dhuyvetter says. “Producers are encouraged to body condition score cows at least four times during the year to determine best management practices in the four key areas of late lactation, weaning, pre-calving and breeding.”

Another new feature of BCS Phase 2 is the ability to calculate the mean or average for a date range or a specific date.

“You can then compare that with another point in time and determine if cows are gaining, slipping or maintaining their condition,” Dhuyvetter says.

Producers now have the ability to place their own photos of cows within their herd or cattle type to use in the reference gallery.

“No matter what color or breed type of cattle you own, you can now build your custom collection of BCS photos to use in your reference gallery,” Dhuyvetter says. “So Hereford producers can use Hereford cows, Brangus owners can use Brangus cows and any composite operations can use their composite cows.”

The updated BCS app is available on iOS for iPhone and Android platforms by going directly to the app stores with the QR codes or hot link below:

“It’s clear that the BCS app has proven its usefulness as a quick and easy tool for collecting extremely important information when managing beef cows from small to large herds,” Dhuyvetter says. “This update takes its effectiveness to the next level.”

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