Demand Steady for Gelbvieh Feeder Cattle

With the start of the fall feeder cattle market, Gelbvieh Profit Partners, an investor based organization of Gelbvieh breeders, has been actively merchandizing Gelbvieh and Balancer® feeder cattle across the country with strong success.

“Gelbvieh Profit Partners has contracted roughly 2,000 head of Gelbvieh influenced feeder cattle for fall delivery in the past few weeks,” said Barry ‘Slim’ Cook, Chief Operating Officer for Gelbvieh Profit Partners. “The demand has been steady and we are actively working with cattlemen across the country to assist them in marketing Gelbvieh and Balancer feeder cattle for fall delivery.”

Working through the direct country trade, Cook has marketed cattle in Minnesota, Oklahoma, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Arizona that have been sent to various regions of the United States. As the fall feeder cattle market continues, Cook anticipates that list of states will grow as he works with other cattle producers to merchandize Gelbvieh influenced cattle.

One fall contract set up by Gelbvieh Profit Partners was from Dan Sharp, a commercial cow-calf producer from Boise City, Okla. The contract was for 400 spring-born Balancer calves at 500 pounds on the steers and 480 pounds on the heifers.

“I am real pleased with the contract I got on my calves,” said Sharp, who has bought Gelbvieh bulls since 2001 to use on his Angus based cow herd.

“I used to use Angus bulls. But one year I got carcass data back on my calves and the packer said if I switched to Continental bulls it would improve the yield grades on the rail. So I started using Gelbvieh bulls and have been very happy. My weaning weights have gone up, I’m selling bigger, heavier calves, and I’ve had repeat buyers,” noted Sharp.

Sharp, who in the past has sold his calves directly off the farm, in the sale barn or through satellite, decided to try Gelbvieh Profit Partners this year.

“My main objective was for Gelbvieh Profit Partners to do a good job for the buyer because I want him [the buyer] happy with my calves,” Sharp said.

Gelbvieh Profit Partners was first formed in 2005 to create demand for Gelbvieh influenced cattle by realizing the value of Gelbvieh genetics in the feedlot. Gelbvieh Profit Partners currently has over 160 investors and is able to merchandize cattle across the country.

“The benefit of marketing cattle through Gelbvieh Profit Partners is that Slim works to build relationships with feedlots and packers and is then able to get competitive bids on the cattle. Those relationships are important as feeders and packers realize the performance advantage of Gelbvieh influenced feeder cattle both in the feedlot and on the rail,” said Bob Prosser of Bar T Bar Ranch, Winslow, Ariz.

Last week, Prosser sold six loads of Balancer feeder cattle through Gelbvieh Profit Partners. Prosser said the bid he received from Cook was competitive with what his neighbor and bull customer received for similar cattle sold through a video auction that same day.

“Plus, I don’t have the costs of freight, feed, commission and added shrink had those cattle been sold at a sale barn. Dollars to dollars, I am getting a better price by marketing through Gelbvieh Profit Partners,” added Prosser.

For more information about Gelbvieh Profit Partners contact the American Gelbvieh Association at 303-465-2333 or visit