Program’s Goal is to Improve Herd Health and Productivity for U.S. Livestock Producers

SO. ST. PAUL, MN (January 26, 2010) – Destron Fearing Corporation, a leader in the field of animal identification solutions, and Portland, OR-based Animal Profiling International (API), a global leader in animal diagnostics, announced today a joint program to increase the number of animals to be tested for BVD-PI (Bovine Viral Diarrhea Persistent Infection) in the U.S. As part of the program, API will provide special BVD-PI test pricing to producers who purchase Destron Fearing™ cattle tags this spring.

The BVD virus is one of the largest herd health concerns for the cattle industry. Recent estimates indicate that BVD costs the U.S. cattle industry about $2.1 billion annually. The leading cause of BVD is persistently infected calves, which can cost an operation between $14 and $24 per head. Testing to identify and remove these animals from the herd is a producer’s best tool to limit the impact of this disease in livestock production operations. “This partnership is a first for the industry and is in keeping with the goals of the NCBA, AABP and AVC statements relating to control and eradication of BVD which is the most costly viral disease in the US," stated Bruce W Hoffman, DVM & President of API.

David Sullivan, President of Destron Fearing, added, “Destron Fearing is pleased to enter this partnership with API to help improve the overall herd health of cattle producers and to limit the costs of BVD across the industry. As a leader in the Animal ID industry, we are constantly looking for opportunities to help livestock producers attain greater productivity and profitability in their operations. We think that this BVD-PI program can greatly assist in achieving healthier herds, which is good for everyone in the industry.”

Producers can realize a number of benefits from testing their herds for BVD-PI animals. Testing can improve operational profitability by enabling producers to market and sell calves as BVD-PI negative, creating market confidence in their herds and resulting in potential premiums at sale time. In addition, by testing for and removing BVD-PI animals producers can reduce the number of BVD abortions and improve pregnancy rates. Finally, limiting the amount of BVD-associated sickness in the herd tends to result in lower health care costs and reduced losses from animal deaths.

Knowing how to test and where to send samples can be a challenge for producers. Yet, testing for BVD-PI animals can be a simple and straightforward procedure. During spring processing and tagging time take a small ear notch sample and put it into a test tube marked with the calf’s ear tag management number. Send the samples to API and receive test results on the next business day after the sample is received by the lab. Ear notchers and test tubes can be obtained at most local animal health supply stores. Instructions on how to ship the samples to API will be included in most Duflex® brand cattle ear tag retail bags. Purchasers of Duflex cattle tags sold without these instructions can simply call Destron Fearing Customer Service at 1-800-328-0118 to receive instruction forms.

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