Destron Fearing Introduces 840 USDA Approved CoolTags™

Destron Fearing announces the introduction of CoolTags™, United States coded, USDA Approved ID Devices, for producers to easily comply with mandatory country of origin labeling laws (COOL). There are multiple ways of qualifying for COOL, Destron Fearing offers CoolTags to those producers interested in the USDA tag option. With CoolTags producers can simply go through the typical management steps of identifying calves with visual panel tags and at the same time automatically meet USDA requirements for COOL.

In the past it has been a complicated process for producers to gain access to these types of approved devices. Destron Fearing has simplified the process by creating a system allowing the producer to order tags from local retailers and then receive the CoolTags product some days later via direct shipment. This simplifies the process for retailers and increases ease of producer access to the benefits of USDA approved tags.

“The 840 animal identification solution is the individual animal ID option with an added punch,” said APHIS administrator Cindy Smith. “Not only can it improve the ability of U.S. animal health officials to quickly respond to a disease outbreak, but the 840 AIN also helps producers to simplify recordkeeping and reduce the number of animal identification systems they use.” These devices can also be used for all of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service programs, including mandatory country of origin labeling (COOL).

Producers may choose from the four CoolTags options of a typical medium panel tag, typical extra large panel tag, RFID button or RFID panel combination. These tags come in two different colors, yellow or white, and may be ordered blank or with a management number. Since the product is directly shipped to producers they do not have to order tags in increments of 25. Rather, if a producer only needs 32 tags that is the exact number they can order. For more information producers are encouraged to ask their local tag provider or go to

“These USDA approved devices in combination with ease of ordering enables producers to quickly take advantage of the market opportunities associated with country of origin labeling laws” commented Dave Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer. He continued “It is our sincere approach to provide solutions to producers, by helping them maximize marketing opportunities or easily address USDA requirements around animal identification.”