Don’t let Pinkeye impact your herd this year!

Shoot Down Pinkeye with products from KMG Chemicals Inc. and Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. Pinkeye can significantly impact herd performance and producer profit. It can infect animals of any age and result in reduced milk production, weight gain, and weaning weights.

Moraxella bovis is a key antigen responsible for causing pinkeye. Other infectious agents that can cause disease to the eye with lesions similar to pinkeye include Moraxella bovoculi, Mycoplasma species and IBR. These agents may play an important role by increasing the susceptibility of the eye to a Moraxella bovis infection.

Preventing pinkeye requires minimizing predisposing factors and maximizing resistance to M. bovis.

• Vaccinate cows, calves, and bulls prior to the pinkeye season with one dose of Alpha 7/MB-1 or Ocu-Guard MB-1.

• Control flies by using Patriot or Avenger insecticide ear tags, Clean-Up or Permectrin Pour-On and Permectrin II, Ravap EC or Vapona Concentrate spray.

• Clip pastures to decrease eye irritation.

• Provide good nutrition and ample shade.

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