Ervin A. Kaatz, Jr. Resigns as Executive Director of Santa Gertrudis Breeders International

Kingsville, Texas – May 19, 2010

After ten years of loyal service, Ervin A. Kaatz, Jr. has resigned from his position as Executive Director of Santa Gertrudis Breeders International.

During his term as SGBI Executive Director (2000-2010), Kaatz was dedicated to improving the Santa Gertrudis breed image as well as the services available to SGBI members.

“Ervin has made substantial contributions to the promotion of the Santa Gertrudis breed, and we are appreciative of his years of service,” Lamar Kelly, SGBI President, said.

Under his direction, the association developed and implemented a National Steer Feedout, collecting data from more than 1,300 progeny from 250 sires.

Kaatz was also instrumental in developing and implementing a Long Range Plan, which addressed all facets of the association with the end goal of increasing the breed’s market share.

The fruits of these labors can be seen in the enhanced marketability of Santa Gertrudis-influenced females, showing a 102% increase in sales of Star 5 females.

In addition to improving the association from within, Kaatz initiated the idea of contracting with outside partners to increase the level of association services at a more competitive price.

Examples of this include enhanced genetic evaluation and registration services with ABRA via American Hereford Association and the American Breeds Coalition members. Also, he played a vital part in enlisting the services of Caballo Rojo Publishing to redesign and rebrand the SGUSA magazine as well as the SGBI website.

Even though Kaatz will no longer be in the SGBI office after May 1, he will be on annual leave until June 15, 2010.

In his absence, the SGBI Board has approved the appointment of Lamar Kelly and Scott Moore to act as executive directors until a suitable candidate is selected to fill the position.

The SGBI search committee intends to conduct an aggressive and thorough search to find suitable candidates meeting the capability and experience requirements included in the position description.

Anyone interested in this position can contact the SGBI office at 361-592-9357 or [email protected]