Fall cattle work provides opportunity to capture data, value

Comprehensive IGENITY® profile can help producers make important decisions with more confidence.

DULUTH, GA — June 9, 2008 — As fall approaches, producers are looking to offset record-high input costs with savvy production decisions. Now, with inside information from the comprehensive IGENITY® profile, producers can make more confident selection, management and marketing decisions that will help ensure their profitability.

“Data equals value, especially now when precision is required for producers and feeders to turn a profit,” says Dr. Kevin DeHaan, Technical Services Director, IGENITY. “By putting the power of DNA to work this fall, producers can learn more about each individual calf’s genetic potential, and in turn, make decisions about each calf’s future with more confidence.”

The comprehensive IGENITY profile gives producers information for economically important traits, such as tenderness, marbling, quality grade, yield grade, fat thickness, hot carcass weight, ribeye area, heifer pregnancy rate, stayability, calving ease, docility and more. And, this information is all available from a single DNA sample that is as simple to collect as applying an ear tag.

Dr. DeHaan says by gaining this information early in each animal’s life, such as at fall weaning time, producers can put the data to work for short-term benefits with the current calf crop and long-term progress toward genetic goals.

“Use of the IGENITY profile empowers producers to evaluate their herd with information about traits that traditionally could not be analyzed until the animal had been harvested or already become a member of the herd,” Dr. DeHaan says. “DNA technology provides producers with timely information early in the animal’s life that can be used to make more confident decisions about calf selection for retained ownership, feeder calf marketing, replacement heifer selection and more.”

Fall preconditioning and weaning are convenient and well-timed opportunities for producers to collect DNA samples. Dr. DeHaan says the process to collect DNA samples can easily be worked into these fall processing routines with minimal management intrusion.

“Not only is fall a convenient time to gather DNA samples, but when it comes time to sort calves, producers can use the information to help ensure each calf is headed down the most profitable path,” he says.

For example, feeder calves can be sorted for retaining ownership and potential replacement heifers can be better sorted or managed based on their potential to be a profitable member of the herd, Dr. DeHaan explains.

Tissue sample collection is simple with the IGENITY sample collection device, which operates like an ear tag applicator. Hair, blood or tissue samples also can be used; however, tissue samples are required to conduct a test to identify persistent infections (PI) of the bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) virus.

Dr. DeHaan says that using a comprehensive profile that includes analyses for multiple traits allows producers to determine parentage and test for BVD-PI, giving producers a more complete package.

“Learning inside information about each animal’s potential, identifying parentage in multisire situations and testing for BVD-PI all from a single sample is very convenient,” Dr. DeHaan says. “Producers can use all of this information to make more informed decisions about cattle in all stages of production.”

As the industry faces rising input costs and an uncertain market future, gaining as much information as possible about cattle is more crucial than ever.

“The bottom line is that the sooner producers know more about each animal in their herd, the better they will be able to profitably manage and market their product,” Dr. DeHaan says. “The comprehensive IGENITY profile is a great tool for producers looking to improve their herd and manage cattle with more confidence, and there is no better time to get started than in the fall.”

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