GaiaRecycle Addresses Livestock, Poultry and Other Animal Mortality Management Challenges with New G-300CD System

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 8, 2011 -- GaiaRecycle(TM), LLC, an industry-leading global provider of onsite food/organic waste recycling systems, today announced the addition of the G-300CD recycling system for safely handling carcass disposal and minimizing animal mortality management challenges. The GaiaRecycle G-300CD organic waste recycling system is engineered as an environmentally safe, year-round solution to address the major disadvantages associated with the disposal of deceased livestock, poultry and other animal carcasses including odors, pathogens, easy accessibility by birds and scavengers, and contamination discarded into the soil or groundwater.

Compared to other carcass disposal methods, the G-300CD provides farmers, city municipalities and others involved in the livestock industry with a convenient and rapid solution for the disposal of animal mortalities, without issues associated with bio-security, carcass storage, transportation and disposal charges, contamination and disease transmission, emission standards, and weather conditions.

During an 8-11 hours processing cycle, the environmentally conscientious G-300CD system reduces animal carcass weight and volume by up to 75 percent, removes odors through its proprietary six-step deodorizer process, and produces a sterilized, easy-to-handle, compostable output material.

With a processing capacity of 600 pounds per day, the footprint of the robust G-300CD is 83" x 63" x 66" and weighs 5,291 pounds. GaiaRecycle offers selected prospective customers a unique opportunity to fully evaluate the system's functionality, performance and operating procedures at their own location through an onsite pilot program.

The G-300CD system employs GaiaRecycle's patented shredder and blade technology and accelerates the organic decomposition process based on drying, sterilizing and grinding waste. In addition to efficiently removing the moisture content of a carcass, the G-300CD features a unique option for extracting animal oil which can be used as a high-quality bio-diesel refinement and dried fat that may be suitable for reuse as animal feed. The "turn-key" features of the G-300CD include safe, simple push-button operations and automated controls including built-in temperature and moisture sensors for robust operations and a hassle-free user experience. No microorganisms, enzymes, water or other additives are required for operation.

"Proper disposal of animal carcasses is important for both the prevention of disease transmission and the protection of air and water quality," said Jonathan Kim, President and Chief Operating Officer of GaiaRecycle, LLC. "The new G-300CD incorporates technological advantages over other incineration, burial, rendering or composting alternatives for animal mortality management."

With its significant experience and technological excellence in food waste recycling, GaiaRecycle features a wide range of modular models for processing almost any amount of food and organic waste with consistent and reliable performance.

GaiaRecycle's systems range from processing capacities of 66 lbs per day to two tons per day for small-volume and mid-sized users, and up to 100+ tons per day for large organic waste recycling plants.