Gardiner Angus Ranch 30th Annual Spring Production Sale

Getting to southwestern Kansas isn’t exactly easy. Not many find Ashland, Kansas, on their way to anywhere. Yet, the first Saturday in April each year, country roads in Clark County come alive with traffic unlike any other time of the year. The traffic increased during the entire week prior to April 4, when 262 buyers from 31 states braced themselves against ferocious winds to make purchases in the Gardiner Angus Ranch 30th Annual Production Sale. A depressed economy, rising production costs and the overall impact of arthrogryposis multiplex cannot be ignored. Yet buyers filled the seats in an obvious show of solidarity to a breeding program backed by unmatched integrity, an unconditional guarantee and commitment to the overall betterment of the beef industry.

The top selling bull was Lot 1, GAR Concrete, an Objective son out of a Grid Maker daughter. This young sire has been leased to Select Sires and was a joint venture between Gardiner Angus Ranch and Chair Rock, Prairie Village, KS. Half interest sold to Terry Eubank, Ashland, KS, for $60,000. R.A. Brown Ranch, Throckmorton, TX, purchased the next bull in the ring, Lot 2, GAR Predestined 687L for $18,000. This top young herd sire posted a $B value of +76.66, the highest ranking $B in the sale. Blake Crawford, Adair, IA, had the winning bid for Lot 29, GAR Objective 5687, at $12,000. Two bulls, Lots 20 and 26, sold for $11,000 each to Glen Gisclair, Cut Off, LA, and Blake Crawford. Both bulls posted $B values above +70. Cory Baker, Toronto, KS, stayed in the auction to take home Lot 48, GAR Objective 6557, another Objective son out of a Grid Maker daughter that sold for $10,500. Two Objective sons out of Predestined daughters, Lots 4 and 5, sold for $10,000 each to Greg Young, Keytesville, MO, and Harold O’Neal, Amarillo, TX. Another pair of Objective sons out of 1407 daughters, Lots 16 and 24, sold for $9,000 each to Joe Mayer, Guymon, OK, and Clyde Moore, Whiteville, NC. Lot 111, GAR Objective V657, sold to William Little, Horn Lake, MS, for $8,500. Ten bulls sold for $8,000 to Joe Mayer; Irsik Land & Cattle, Kalvesta, KS; Jerry Malone, Boswell, OK; Bob Keifer, Guide Rock, NE; Harry Laws, Bueche, LA; Justin Busenlehner, Rowena, TX; Mary Lou and Roland Gengelbach, Plattsburg, MO; and Lynn Cowden, Skellytown, TX. Seven bulls sold in the $7,500 range followed by 19 bulls selling in a steady market for $7,000.

A donor that found many friends was the top selling female, Lot 417, GAR Objective 1885. This Objective daughter out of GAR 1407 New Design 2232 has a +70.17 $B and top 1% of the breed for CW, Marb and RE. Chair Rock had the winning bid at $48,000. The second high selling donors, Lots 418 and 419, each sold for $35,000 to Jimmy Goode, Pampa, TX and William Evans, Stephenville, TX, respectively. Grand Bayou Farms, Dubach, LA, won the bidding contest at $22,000 for Lot 421, GAR Predestined N35. This female earned her membership in the elite ranking of the top 15 cows in the breed for $Beef Index. Two more donors, Lots 428 and 429, found new homes at Blackstone Farms, Stoughton, WI, and Southern Cattle Co., Marianna, FL on winning bids of $20,000 each. John and Joanie Grimes, Maplecrest Farms, Hillsboro, OH, added Lot 426, GAR Objective 1485, to their donor arsenal with a final bid of $16,000. W. Dudley Land purchased Lot 433, GAR Retail Product 2195, a female that combined tremendous phenotype and all the traits of economic importance into one package. She sold for $15,000. Another impressive Retail Product donor, Lot 447, sold to Ky Luddington, Freedom, OK, for $14,000. Roger Hirschy, Orlando, FL, and Henry Bamberg, Bamberg, SC, each paid $13,000 to own Lots 420 and 446, respectively. Steve Ramshur, Nacogdoches, TX, outlasted all competing bidders to own Lot 438 for $11,000. Four donors, Lots 424, 427, 430 and 449 sold for $10,000 each to Sonrise Ranches, Oolagah, OK, Dennis Huck, Coldwater, KS, Brad Curl, Lebanon, MO, and Chair Rock. Three donors sold in the $9,000 range to Sand Point Angus, Lodgepole, NE, Nathan Allbritton, Mansfield, LA and J-Buckle Ranch, Willow, OK.

Steve Ramshur continued to bid on great cattle and had the winning bid on Lot 461, the co-top selling pair in the sale, for $13,000. John Maurer, Bryan, TX, also purchased Lot 560, GAR 1I2 Rito C446, for $13,000. Mashburn Farms, Lindsay, OK, paid $7,500 to own Lot 494, another outstanding pair. Andrew Azcarraga, Collbran, CO, and Jason Butler, Clarendon, NC purchased Lots 463 and Lot 481 for $7,000, respectively.

The lateness of the afternoon did not hamper the enthusiasm for those bidders waiting on the bred heifer portion of the offering. William Evans, Stephenville, TX outlasting all contending bidders for the top selling bred heifer, Lot 725, an Objective daughter out of a Rito 1I2 dam, selling for $30,000. Jody Chenevert, Plaucheville, LA and Roger Boyer, Bowie, TX followed closely with final bids of $27,000 and $25,000 respectively for Lots 727 and 730. Van Meter Angus, Bowling Green, KY paid $20,000 to own Lot 726, another Objective X Predestined combination with tremendous numbers. Deer Valley Ranch added to their superb herd with a final bid of $20,000 for Lot 763. Blackstone Farms continued to bid on the very best and added Lot 780 to their load. Lot 732, GAR Predestined N777 sold to long time customer and friend, Don Meador, Dreamcatcher Ranch, San Marcos, TX. Roger Hirschy came to stay for the day and added Lot 729 to his load with a final bid of $10,000.

The interest in spring ET heifers each year is electric and this year proved to be no different. Sonrise Ranches set the pace with their final bid of $35,000 for the top selling spring ET heifer, Lot 939. Steve Ramshur selected lot 904, a Predestined daughter out of a 1407 dam, and paid $22,000 to own her. Kentuckian Buck LeBus, Lexington, KY, outlasted all contenders for Lot 941, another Predestined X 1407 daughter. Lot 809 sold to Dale Jackson, Oakdale, CA, for $11,000. Lot 933, a Predestined X Retail Product daughter sold to Craig Layes, Subiaco, AR, for $9,000. Clint Smith, Wadley, GA, and Alan Fankhauser, Milwaukee, WI, stayed late in the day to purchase Lot 903 and 902 for $8,500 and $7,500 respectively.

The momentum never diminished for those beef producers who came to make genetic selections to improve their programs. One thousand thirty eight lots sold in a record time of 7-1/2 hours.

Volume Buyers—Bulls:

Joe Mayer, Guymon, OK; K-Ranch, Garden City, KS; Monty Johnson, Amarillo, TX; Jack Shelton, Amarillo, TX; W.T. Waggoner Estate, Vernon, TX; Sam Hands, Triangle H Grain and Cattle, Garden City, KS; Irsik Ranch, Ingalls, KS.

Volume Buyers—Registered Females: Ricky Lyles, Arp, TX; Blackstone Farms, Stoughton, WI; Hinkle’s Prime Cut Angus, Nevada, MO; Terry Eubank, Ashland, KS; Alan and Phillip Bridges, Lexington, GA; Terry Bradshaw, Dallas, TX; Jeff and Brenda Wilkerson, Edmond, OK; C.W. Pratt, Atkins, VA; F.J. Burnell, Bossier City, LA.

Volume Buyers—Commercial Females: Wendell Unruh, Wilmore, KS; Sam Hands, Triangle H Grain and Cattle, Garden City, KS; Kent Cooper, Mt. Pleasant, TX; Mike Hubbell, Spearville, KS; Chad Breiner, Alma, KS.

Additional notes of interest:

• 33% of the bulls sold for $10,000 or more

• 67% of the bulls sold for $5,000 or less

• 375 registered females sold for $5,000 or less

• 69% of the sale offering sold to buyers in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri.

Sale Total & Averages

Registered Bulls

Total Lots Category Gross Average

346 18 mo-old bulls $1,807,250 $5,223

Registered Females

41 Donor females $446,250 $10,884

110 Cow-calf pairs (3N1) 442,000 4,018

111 Bred cows 259,500 2,338

138 Bred 18 mo-old registered heifers 465,300 3,372

60 Spring ET heifers 263,600 4,393

229 Bred commercial heifers 334,000 1,459

3 Registered Quarter horses 5,250 1,750

1038 Lots $4,023,150