Gardiner Angus Ranch 32nd Annual Spring Production Sale

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect weekend in Southwest Kansas. As in years past, many, many old friends and customers as well as progressive beef producers making the trip for the first time gathered at Gardiner Angus Ranch for the 32nd Annual Production Sale.

The weekend activities began Friday evening. Recognizing the Angus breed is on the cusp of a new generation of genetic evaluation tools, it was only fitting to take a look at the history of genetic evaluation in a herd that set the bar of excellence in the performance movement more than a half-century ago. After dinner, all those in attendance gathered to watch a historical video presentation recalling the history of genetic evaluation, followed by an excellent panel discussion moderated by Dr. Larry Corah, Certified Angus Beef; Dr. Sally Northcutt, American Angus Association; Dr. William Herring, Pfizer Animal Genetics; and Mark Gardiner. The discussion focused on the implementation and effects of genomic information on Angus cattle.

The auction kicked off promptly at 9:00 AM, Saturday, with the much-anticipated Lot 1, GAR Ingenuity. This 5050 son is currently the #1 non-parent bull of the Angus breed for Ribeye AND $Beef index. In addition, Ingenuity has +1 EPDs for Marbling and Ribeye while having a negative Fat EPD. Long time customer and Allied Producer, Don Meador, Dreamcatcher Genetics, San Marcos, TX, and Gary Taylor, Lakeland, TN, kept bidding until all others quit to own this tremendous genetic investment for $270,000 for one-half interest. The bull is leased to Select Sires. The new owners will partner with Gardiner Angus Ranch.

Lot 3, GAR Further Progress, a Predestined son out of GAR Objective 2345, the lead donor now at Deer Valley Farm, Fayetteville, TN, was purchased by Leachman Cattle of Colorado, Wellington, CO, for $17,000. Randy Bayne, long-time GAR commercial customer and member of the Profit Proven group, had the winning bid of $17,000 to own GAR Composure, another exciting 5050 X 2345 mating with +1 Marbling EPD.

Nick and Roxanne Hull, Blackstone Farms, Stoughton, WI, were willing to wait until late in the bull sale to make their $16,000 purchase of Lot 416, GAR 5050 New Design 0534. 0534 is currently the #7 non-parent bull of the breed for $Beef index. Buck LeBus, Lexington, KY, selected a B/R New Day 454 son with outstanding performance with a winning bid of $13,000. Thaine and Anita Schickendanz, Fargo, OK, paid $12,000 for another Predestined X 2345 son. Joe Mayer, Guymon, OK, a long-time GAR commercial bull customer, outlasted the competition to take home Lot 128, a 5050 son with outstanding ultrasound data and individual performance.

Lot 2, GAR 5050 New Design 5999, was purchased by Everyn and Becky Baumgardner, Gurdon, AR, for $10,000. The purchase of this bull is particularly important since 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Henry C. Gardiner Scholarship & Lecture Series at Kansas State University.

In addition to Lot 2, seven more bulls sold in the $10,000 range. Lots 5, 7, 46, 120, 137, 138 and 402 were purchased by Greg Young, Keytesville, MO; Lynn Cowden, Skellytown, TX; Joe Mayer; Dale Jackson, Oakdale, CA; Kelly Giles, Halfway, OR and Barry Kane, Fruitland, ID, respectively.

All day long, the 5050 X Objective matings with excellent CED numbers were extremely popular. Bob Kavli, Wray, CO, made his selection of Lot 62, GAR 5050 New Design 6339, and had the winning bid of $9,500.

Three bulls, Lots 17, 49 and 55 sold for $9,000 to Donnell and Kelli Brown, Throckmorton, TX; Kent Cooper, Mt. Pleasant, TX; and Rob and Sylvia Sellard, Bucklin, KS, respectively. Lynn Cowden added another bull to his load with a purchase of Lot 410, for $8,750. Manuel Gonzalez, Cienegas, Mexico, made his selection of the 5050 X Objective sons with a purchase of Lot 56 for $8,500. Rob and Sylvia Sellard followed suit and added Lot 121 to their purchase list for $8,500.

Deer Valley Farm added the two top selling donors to one of the most powerful cow herds east of the Mississippi with their purchase of Lots 426 and 449 for $38,000 each. Don and Lee Robbins, Grand Bayou Farms and Waggoner Farms, Dubach, LA, purchased Lot 421, DRMCTR Objective 8J04 for $35,000. 8J04 is currently the #1 $Beef index female in the breed. Nick and Roxanne Hull’s Blackstone Farms also paid $35,000 for Lot 450, GAR Objective R227. This female is the dam of GAR Sweet Dreams, a young bull currently being progeny tested at GAR.

Roger Hirschy, Orlando, FL, outlasted the competing bidders to own Lot 418, GAR Objective 3387 for $25,000. 3387 is the #2 $Beef index cow of the breed and dam of the Lot 2, #2 $Beef index non-parent bull of the breed. Another east of the Mississippi powerhouse, Three Trees, Sharpsburg, GA paid $22,000 to own Lot 420, GAR Objective 3367. Widdowson’s Sandpoint Cattle Co., Lodgepole, NE, selected Lot 446, GAR Predestined R207, the #1 Marbling cow of the breed and paid $20,000. Lot 478, GAR Objective 2017, another $20,000 purchase, went to Jody Chenevert, Plaucheville, LA.

Blackstone Farms added another top ranking donor to their list with the purchase of Lot 424 for $17,000. Four more donors sold in the $15,000 range to outstanding Angus herds. Lots 419, 428, 430 and 435 sold to Hinkle’s Prime Cut Angus, Nevada, MO; Haley Fairway Farms, Nacogdoches, TX; and Three Trees, respectively. Ted Melton, Richmond, VA and John Downs, Southern Cattle Co., Marianna, FL, each purchased top donors. Melton selected Lot 439, GAR Objective 1407, a full sister to GAR Objective 2345. Southern Cattle Co. selected Lot 440, GAR 5050 New Design 447, currently making the top 125 list of females in the breed for $Beef index.

Dan Strong, Olathe, KS, paid $10,000 to own Lot 422, DRMCTR 5050 Design 852, the #1 $Beef index among current dams. Maplecrest Farms, Hillsboro, OH, purchased Lot 425, a super young donor with outstanding CED, WW, YW, Marb and REA, for $10,000. Jim Guerry, Amarillo, TX and Three Trees added Lots 427 and 458 to their loads at $10,000 each.

Top selling pair was Lot 493, purchased by Glen and Tom Truckenbrod, Mendota, IL, for $9,000. William Evans, Procter, TX, had the winning bid on the second high selling pair at $8,000 for Lot 482. Repeat customer, Chad Imhoff, Prague, OK, paid $7,000 to own Lot 495, another outstanding pair selection.

Sandpoint Cattle Co. led the way in the bred cow category with their purchase of the top selling bred cow, Lot 678, selling for $11,000. GAR Allied Producer, Chair Rock Ranch, Greeley, KS; Mashburn Farms, Lindsay, OK and Steve Hillhouse, La Grange, TX all had winning bids of $10,000 for Lots 634, 657 and 679, respectively. Ken Bell, Dyersville, IA, purchased Lot 670 for $9,500 and Lot 671 for $9,000. Mashburn Farms added another outstanding bred cow to their load with a purchase of Lot 645 for $8,500.

The spring ET heifers always generate considerable interest and this year was no exception. Steve Hillhouse patiently waited to outlast the competing bidders for the top selling ET heifer, Lot 948, GAR 5050 New Design 0546 for $16,500. Blackstone Farms selected a full sister with their purchase of Lot 947, GAR 5050 new Design 0545, and paid $14,000 to own her.

Shortage of cowherd numbers was evident as commercial cow-calf producers took less than half an hour to make selections from 451 head of females in 8-11 head groups. Top selling group of commercial heifers sold to Rocking WL, Clyde, MO, for $2,250 each for an 11 head group. Randal Herman, Seibert, CO, paid $2,100 each for another 11 head group. Kent Cooper, Mt. Pleasant, TX, and Paul Dufrene III, Cut Off, LA, each had the winning bids at $2,000 for 10 head groups.

The top selling Quarter Horse lot sold to Sandpoint Cattle Co. for $1,350.

After a full day of fast-paced auction activity, 275 buyers from 27 states and Mexico purchased 1,356 lots in 8-1/2 hours.

Volume Buyers—Bulls:

Joe and Lewis Mayer, Guymon, OK; W.T. Waggoner Estate, Vernon, TX; TLW Land & Cattle Co., Syracuse, KS; Cooper and Katie Hurst, Woodville, MS; Brant Baca, Vega, TX; Stuart Ranch, Waurika, OK.

Volume Buyers—Registered Females: Calvin Schultz, Englewood, CO; James Bourland, Clinton, MO; Justin and Jodi Busenlehner, Rowena, TX; Randy Browning, Appleton City, MO; Rocking WL, Clyde, MO; Bill Beal, Blacksburg, VA; Sandpoint Cattle Co., Lodgepole, NE

Volume Buyers—Commercial Females: Lyman Marion Ramsay, Grand Bay, AL; Ricky Lyles, Arp, TX; Paul Dufrene III, Cut Off, LA; Duane Womack, Troup, TX.

Additional notes of interest:

• 30% of the bulls sold for more than $5,000

• 70% of the bulls sold for $5,000 or less

• 388 registered females sold for $5,000 or less

• 63% of the sale offering sold to buyers in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado

Sale Total & Averages

Registered Bulls

Total Lots Category Gross Average

385 18 mo-old bulls $2,148,250 $5580

Registered & Commercial Females

62 Donor females $600,250 $9,681

82 Cow-calf pairs (3N1) 413,000 5,037

60 Bred cows 184,100 3,068

266 Bred 18 mo-old registered heifers 874,200 3,286

50 Spring ET heifers 157,350 3,147

79 Bred commercial cows 135,900 1,720

372 Bred commercial heifers 599,225 1,611

1356 Lots $5,112,275 $3,770

3 Registered Quarter horses 3,350 1,116