Gardiner Angus Ranch 34th Annual Spring Production Sale

The first 11 of the 34 now completed bull sales hosted by Gardiner Angus Ranch fell short of the breed average prices paid for those years. Henry Gardiner was focused on perfecting a process to identify bulls that could sire progeny that reliably made his commercial customers money. In addition, he expected those sires to do the same job with every calf crop. During those days, his perpetual process of collecting data, moving from natural service to 100% artificial insemination and later embryo transfer, applying selection pressure for economically important traits, and never, ever losing sight of a vision to improve beef from gate to plate was shared by only a few.

Clearly, by the end of the day, April 6, Henry Gardiner’s vision and discipline to use only proven high accuracy sires and take advantage of sound science and technology has achieved worldwide industry acceptance. Two hundred twenty-three buyers from 32 states and four foreign countries invested in genetics designed to meet the needs of a complex beef industry, regardless of end point.

gardiner angus sale resultsThe high selling bull was GAR Fruition, Lot 1. A definite indicator of this Summitcrest Complete son’s popularity is the fact his video received more than 3,000 views prior to the sale. Robin Wilson, Rocking W, Jefferson, GA won the bidding race and paid $75,000 to own half interest in GAR Fruition. The bull is leased to Select Sires.

The 14-16 month old bulls have generated much interest in recent years. This year was no exception. The second high selling bull was Lot 256, GAR Sure Fire. Joe Mayer, Guymon, OK, long time GAR customer, friend and one of the most astute commercial producers in the country paid $36,000 to own this unique genetic combination of calving ease and end product merit. Sure Fire’s +16 calving ease, -2.0 birth weight, +1.19 marbling and +108 $Beef is an “in your dreams” combination. He was leased post sale to Select Sires. Progressive beef producers will want to watch this young sire in the future!

The first GAR Ingenuity son to sell at Gardiner Angus Ranch generated a lot of interest. Lot 250, GAR Ingenuity J2024, sold to Doug Munton, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, for $22,000. Lot 252, GAR 5050 New Design G2339, a superb combination of growth, marbling and muscle, sold to repeat customers Thaine and Anita Schickedanz, Fargo, OK, for $20,000.

Another repeat GAR customer, Blake Crawford, Adair, IA, recognized the value of Lot 207, GAR/SJH Impression 6108 H1605. This son of Connealy Impression out of a Dreamcatcher cow with impressive production data, sold to Crawford for $19,500.

Lots 2 and 253 sold to Joe Mayer. Another long time GAR customer, Randy Bayne, Protection, KS, had the winning bid on Lot 320. These two outstanding commercial beef producers paid $15,000 each for the three lots.

Clyde Sommerlatte, Luling, TX, outlasted all competing bidders to own Lot 255, a Daybreak son out of a GAR donor, GAR Objective 3258, for $14,000. Lot 10, a Complete son out of another great 5050 daughter, the Dreamcatcher 852 cow, GAR Complete 8521, sold for $12,000 to Brianna Kroskob, Fort Morgan, CO. The proceeds from the sale of Lot 10 will be donated to the Henry C. Gardiner scholarship and lecture series at K-State.

Lot 9, GAR Complete 6161, a Complete son out of a GAR Progress full sister sold to Charles Williams, Jena, LA for $11,000. Ed and Gretchen Yeo, Cameron, TX, paid $10,500 to own Lot 357, GAR 5050 New Design G2103.

Three bulls, Lots 20, 261 and 271 sold in the $10,000 range to Lon and Jud Byars, Vernon, TX, Chris Hoffman, Lindsborg, KS, and Brett Oelke, Hoxie, KS. Lots 11, 178 and 267 sold for $9,500 to Darrell Brobst, Stockman, KS, Richie Longanecker, Lithia, FL and Greg Young, Keytesville, MO, respectively.

Lots 4, 5, 77 and 260 sold for $9,000 to Maplecrest Farms, Hillsboro, OH, Brinkley Angus Ranch, Milan, MO and Sydenstricker Genetics, Mexico, MO, Tommy Cartrite, Sunray, TX and Jeff Gower, Springfield, MO. Also selling in the $9,000 range are Lots 257 and 301, purchased by Darrell Brobst and Chris Hoffman, respectively.

The female portion of the Gardiner Spring Production Sale is always interesting. This year was proof that progressive beef producers always practice due diligence before making buying decisions. High selling female was a 3-N-1 pair, Lot 443, GAR New Day 3540, a two-year-old cow with a super 5050 heifer calf at side and safe in calf carrying a GAR Progress heifer sold to Tucker Link, KiamichiLink, Finley, OK for $65,000. Lot 380, GAR 5050 New Design 859, a 5050 X Objective daughter safe in calf to GAR Fusion attracted a lot of attention in the donor pen. This impressive female with a +14 CED, +1.06 and +1.26 marbling and ribeye sold to Nathan Wells, Fort Scott, KS. Maplecrest Farms, John and Joanie Grimes, known for selecting outstanding donors, won the bidding race for GAR 5050 New Design 0530, Lot 381, and paid $35,000. This superb female is the dam of the Select Sires young sire, GAR Anticipation, and is safe in calf to GAR Progress. KiamichiLink outlasted the competition to add Lot 384, GAR 28 Ambush 1749, to their donor herd for $35,000.

Lot 376, GAR 5050 New Design 1039, could not come with a better pedigree. Sired by 5050 out of GAR Objective 2345, one of the greatest cows in GAR history, is a full sister to GAR Composure, maternal sib to GAR Progress, Further Progress and GAR Progression. She sold to Steve Hillhouse, Hillhouse Angus, La Grange, TX, for $30,000. GAR 5050 New Design 0548, Lot 377, is the only cow in the Angus breed with a +8 CED, +.30 RADG and +116 $Beef value. Trey Gum, Clearabrook, VA, paid $30,000 to add her to his donor herd.

Richie Longanecker outlasted all competition to purchase Lot 419, another 5050 X 2345 donor, for $27,000. Lot 444, another top 3-N-1 pair sold to Mashburn Farms, Lindsay, OK, for $23,000.

Two donors, one bred and one open, Lots 378 and 435, sold to premier Angus producer, Wehrmann Genetics, New Market, VA, for $22,000 each. Two more bred donors, Lots 379 and 388, sold for $20,000 to Wehrmann Genetics and Richie Longanecker, respectively.

Volume Buyers—Bulls: Bryansk Meat Company, Bryansk, Russia;  Sam Hands, Triangle H Grain & Cattle, Garden City, KS; Chris Hoffman, Lindsborg, KS; 6666 Ranch, Guthrie, TX; Cooper & Katie Hurst, Hunt Hill Cattle Co., Woodville, MS; Dennis Kleysteuber, Garden City, KS; Jody Chisum, Perryton, TX.

Volume Buyers—Registered  Females:  Delbert Hix, Hartsville, TN; Daryl Sales, Valley Falls, KS; Double E Angus, Wichita, KS; Jeff and Brenda Wilkerson, Edmond, OK.

Volume Buyers—Commercial  Females:  Daryl Sales, Valley Falls, KS; Alvin Dunn, Ballinger, TX; Delbert Hix, Hartsville, TN; BC Enterprises, Blacksburg, VA; Richie Longanecker, Lithia, FL.

Notes of Interest:

  • 40% of the bred donor females sold for $5,000 and below
  • 94% of the 18 mo. old bulls sold for $8,000 and below
  • Bulls in the sale had an average $Beef value of +95.21
  • Cattle sold to 32 states and foreign countries, including Canada, Uruguay, Argentina and Russia

Sale Total & Averages

gardiner sale results