Gardiner Angus Ranch 5th Annual Fall Bull Sale

Many cattlemen took advantage of good weather to come early and spend plenty of time going through the 5th Annual Gardiner Angus Ranch fall sale offering. When the last bull walked through the out gate a short time later, 89 buyers representing 20 states and Mexico, purchased 255 bulls for an exceptional $3,777 average.

Lot 1, GAR Goode Predestined G8214, sparked a lot of pre-sale interest. The most recent American Angus Association data ranks 8214 as the #1 non-parent $Beef Index bull in the breed with a +78.85 $B. Eight continuous generations of 0.9 accuracy indicate this Predestined son will take predictability to a new level. He had an IMF ratio of 122 and a REA ratio of 113. Stanley and Glenda Haag, Snow Creek Ranch, Coffeyville, KS, purchased this outstanding sire for $42,000.

Steve Stratford, Pratt, KS and the team of Smitty Lamb, Ogeechee Farms, Tifton, GA, CAM Ranches, Arnoldsville, GA and Select Sires, Plain City, OH, purchased top bulls for $15,000. Stratford had the winning bid for Lot 35, GAR Goode Objective G8011. This bull posted the highest average daily gain of any of the bulls in the sale at 6.98 lb. The Ogeechee, CAM and Select Sires partnership outlasted the competing bidders for Lot 160, GAR Bextor 6128. A bull with powerful ultrasound data, 6128 had a IMF ratio of 119 and a REA ratio of 112. Lot 2, another impressive Predestined son sold to John Smith, Pink Hill, NC, for $9,000. GAR Predestined T598 is a +72.76 $B bull with a IMF ratio of 145 and a moderate BW EPD of +2.9. Long-time customer Joe Mayer, Guymon, OK, selected Lots 3 and 77, both Predestined sons, and had the winning bid on each at $8,000. Lot 7, GAR Goode Predestined G8212, a full brother to Lot 1, sold to Berry Bortz, Preston, KS, for $7,000. Lot 166, GAR Big Eye 6398, was purchased by Gary O’Neal, Marquez, TX, for $6,500.

Five bulls sold in the $6,000 range. Lot 6 sold to Frank Bills, Severy, KS; Randy Browning, Appleton City, MO-Lot 11; Ross Humphreys, Tucson, AZ-Lot 12; Randy Bennett, Plainview, TX-Lot 163; Berry Bortz-Lot 164. Four bulls, Lots 13, 44, 111 and 161 sold for $5,750 to Frank Bills; Bryan and Carrol Switzer, Bucklin, MO; Glen Gisclair, Cut Off, LA; and C.W. Pratt, Atkins, VA, respectively.

Seven buyers purchased bulls for $5,500. Lot 4-Fred Penn, Cullman, AL; Lot 18-Michael Cole, Livingston, AL; Lot 34-Manual Gonzalez, Juarez, Mexico; Lot 40-Larry Jones, Holcomb, KS; Lot 87-Allan Stephens, Kenton, TN; Lot 212-Randy Bayne, Protection, KS; and Lot 213-Berry Bortz.

A steady market was indicated as 10 buyers purchased bulls for $5,250 and another 10 buyers purchased bulls at $5,000 each.

The average bull in this sale ranks in the top 15% of the Angus breed for direct calving ease, the bottom 46% (lighter BW) for birth weight while ranking in the top 12% of the breed for weaning weight. The offering ranks in the top 7% of the Angus breed for yearling weight. The average also places the offering in the top 4% of the breed for marbling and top 6% for ribeye. The $Value Index for the sale offering is equally as impressive, ranking them in the top 17% for $W, top 2% for $F, top 4% for $G and top 3% for $B.

Volume Buyers—Bulls:

Burnett 6666 Ranches, Guthrie, TX; Perkins-Prothro Ranch, Kerrick, TX; Cooper & Katie Hurst, Woodville, MS; Larry Jones; Joe Howard Williamson, Archer City, TX; Manual Gonzalez; Shannon & Ronda Hall, Comanche, OK; Gator Taylor, Zolfo Springs, FL; Mark Luckie, Ashland, KS; Randy Bennett; Frank Bills; and Fred Stephens, Wichita Falls, TX.

Additional notes of interest:• 47% of the bulls sold in a $3,000 to $5,000 range

• 64% of the sale offering sold to KS, MO, OK, TX

• Bulls sold to 89 buyers from 20 states and Mexico

Sale Total & Averages

Registered Bulls

Total Lots Category Gross Average

109 18 mo-old bulls $459,000 $4,211

146 14-16 mo-old bulls 504,100 3,453

255 Lots $963,100 $3,777