Gardiner Angus Ranch 7th Annual Fall Bull Sale

Resilient, resourceful and renewed was the prevailing attitude from the 119 buyers from 24 states at the Gardiner Angus Ranch Fall Bull Sale. Clearly, those in attendance continue to be bullish on the future of the beef industry.

It is evident that bidders and buyers in GAR sales study the data and make buying decisions based on their environments and management schemes. The high selling bull in the sale further emphasized that fact.

Lot 391, GAR New Day 6240, sold to Richie Longanecker, Lithia, FL, for $12,000. This yearling son of B/R New Day 454 out of GAR Objective 2258 ranks in the top 2% of the Angus breed for CED, top 4% for light BW, top 1% for YW and $Beef.

International cattle genetics company, CRV-USA, Pat Goheen, Laingsburg, MI, paid $10,500 to own Lot 18, GAR 5050 New Design 6849. This 5050 son is out of GAR Objective 2345, the record selling donor now at Deer Valley Farm in Tennessee. Lot 17, GAR 5050 new Design 5529, sold to Robin Wilson, Jefferson, GA, for $10,000. The proceeds from this special lot will be donated to the Henry C. Gardiner Scholarship and Lecture Series at K-State. Lot 182, GAR Big Eye N6230, sold to Bryan and Carrol Switzer, Bucklin, MO, for $7,750. N6230 posted a +.96 REA EPD and has a REA ratio of 122.

Lot 33, GAROAF 5050 New Design 9125G is a joint venture bull with Ogeechee Farms of Georgia, sold to Jack Boyer, Perryville, MO, for $7,000. Jack’s retained ownership, GAR sired steers, recorded the highest premiums paid in 2010 at U.S. Premium Beef among all our customers using GAR delivery rights.

Five bulls sold in the $6,500 range. Lots 4, 13, 19, 43 and 255 sold to Mike Hahn, Barlett, KS; Steve Ehrig, Gonzales, TX; John Bryan, Dellrose, TN; Kevin Cantrelle, Raymond,CA; and Norman Stovall, III, respectively. Another Californian, Matt Flynn, Ducor, had the winning bid of $6,250 to own GAR Ambush 0D82. A top 1% $Beef bull with a +1.19 Marb EPD.

Six bulls sold for $6,000 to four buyers from three states. Jerry Vaughn, Derby, KS, purchased Lots 2 and 21; Betteravia Farms, Santa Maria, CA, purchased Lot 30; Kevin Cantrelle purchased Lot 44; RML Livestock, Arroyo Grande, CA, purchased Lot 165 and David Carter, Melbourne, AR, purchased Lot 169.

West Lake Farms, Stratford, CA, had the winning bid on Lot 10, another top New Design 5050 son for $5,750. This bull combines a top 3% RADG with a top 1% RE and $B. Lot 358, GAR New Day 7050, sold to Allen Cull, Cavalier, ND, for $5,750.

Twelve bulls sold in the $5,500 category to eight states. Eight bulls sold into four states for $5,250. Fifteen bulls sold for $5,000 to eight buyers from five states.

A contingency of commercial cattlemen stayed until after the bull sale to make selections from a tremendous set of bred commercial heifers. The heifers were bred to Objective and due to calve from late January to mid February. A total of 118 heifers sold as 12 groups.

The high selling group of commercial heifers was purchased by James Kreider II, Bonner Springs, KS for $1,925 each for a 10 head group. Two 10 head groups sold for $1,900 per head to Michael Flowers, Princeton, MO and Blake Crawford, Adair, IA respectively. Michael Flowers added to his load with another 10 head group selling for $1,875.

Volume Buyers—Bulls: Cooper & Katie Hurst, Woodville, MS; K Ranch, Garden City, KS; Kevin Cantrelle, Raymond, CA; Wayne Cockrell, Oakwood, TX; Jim O’Brien, Mullen, NE; Mike Vickrey, Claremore, OK.

Volume Buyers—Commercial Females: Michael Flowers, Princeton, MO; James Kreider II, Bonner Springs, KS