Gardiner Angus Ranch 8th Annual Fall Bull Sale

The bovine genomic map was first created in 2004. In the eight years since the discovery, scientists in our industry and the American Angus Association have developed tools and evaluation measures to incorporate the technology into a common language for producers. Gardiner Angus Ranch has embraced the technology as one more opportunity to add predictability and profitability to GAR Angus seedstock and GAR-influenced beef cattle. The genetic information for the 2012 fall sale offering, bulls and commercial females, provides even more reliability for beef producers regardless of end point.

The two top selling bulls were evaluated with the Pfizer HD50K genomic test. Lots 1 and 9 each sold for $16,000. Jerry Bornemann, Mount Vernon, MO, purchased Lot 1, GAR/SJH 5050 of 6108 1063, a 5050 son out of an outstanding Rito 1I1 of 2536 Rito 6I6 daughter. 1063 is a near perfect example of the “pounds in the right package” product we strive to produce. His +7 CED, -.1 BW, +125 YW, +.86 Marb, +1.01 RE and $B value of $90.82 indicate his potential to sire explosive growth. ABS Global, DeForest, WI, had the winning bid to own Lot 9, GAR Daybreak M5421. This impressive Daybreak son found many friends through his video prior to the sale. His +13 CED, -.3 BW, +.77 Marb and top 1% of the breed for $Beef value makes this young herd sire extremely versatile.

Another Daybreak son, Lot 6, GAR Daybreak M5591 sold for $11,500 to Lindy Sheppard, Sylvania, GA. M5591 is a powerhouse with a +.6 BW EPD, +9 CED and a top 1% $Beef value of +86.40. Adding to the power package is his impressive 119 IMF Ratio and 113 REA Ratio. Albert Biggs, Seymour, TN, waited until midway through the auction to have the winning bid, at $11,000 on Lot 176, a 15 month old Summitcrest Complete son, GAR Complete N5211.

Gene Wagner, Concordia, MO, paid $10,000 to purchase Lot 8, GAR Daybreak M5671. Gene is a long-time repeat GAR commercial customer that retains ownership on his home raised calves. He recognizes the genetic potential of the Daybreak-Objective mating to add value to a carcass and profit to his bottom line. Denny Lillard, Louisville, TN and Lindy Sheppard each paid $10,000 to purchase Lots 29 and 236, respectively.

Lots 2, 3 and 15 each sold for $9,500 to Kenny Ogden, Lockwood, MO, Kevin Cantrelle, Raymond, CA and Dave Warne, Mankato, KS. All three bulls combined superior ultrasound data, EPDs and top 1% of the breed $Value rankings. Bryan and Carrol Switzer, Bucklin, MO, had marked Lot 25, GAR/SJH 454 of 8902 1017 in their catalog and paid $8,750 to own him.

Three bulls, Lots 5, 12 and 18 sold for $8,500 to Gene Wagner, Ryan Shotkoski, Maysville, GA, and Aileen Henderson, Chandler, OK, respectively.

LiveAuctions.TV Internet bidder, Charles Rosson, Louisa, VA, purchased Lot 13, GAR Daybreak M5721 for $8,000. Proceeds from the sale of this outstanding Daybreak son will be donated to the Henry C. Gardiner Scholarship and Lecture Series at Kansas State University.

Four bulls, Lots 7, 11, 16 and 36 sold for $7,500. Greg Williams, Morrilton, AR, Virgil Lawlis, Bastrop, TX, Joe Mayer, Guymon, OK and John Paul Kimzey, Ft. Worth, TX purchased these bulls, respectively.

Lot 23, GAR 454 New Day AB159, sold to Clarence Yanke, Sunray, TX for $7,000. Joe Mayer and John Paul Kimzey each added purchases of Lot 107 and 113 for $6,750.

Three bulls, Lots 4, 35 and 77 sold for $6,500 to Jack Edwards, Pittsburg, TX, Richie Longanecker, Lithia, FL and Blake Sherrod, Birmingham, AL. Richie Longanecker also added Lot 248 to his purchases at $6,250.

Nine bulls sold in the $6,000 range to eight buyers from five states. Twenty bulls sold for $5,500 to 15 buyers representing nine states. Four bulls, Lots 28, 134, 170 and 240, sold for $5,250 to Bill Mason, Gaffney, SC, Kevin Cantrelle, Raymond, CA, Dennis Winkler, Clinton, MO and Jim Benedict, Harwood, TX. Sixteen bulls sold for $5,000 to 13 buyers from 10 states.

One hundred forty bred commercial females sold in 10 head lots at the conclusion of the bull sale. The entire group was genomic tested with GeneMaxTM, the DNA tool designed to evaluate marbling and post-weaning gain, and combine these two scores into a single user friendly index. This is a tremendous tool to identify and add value to commercial herds using registered Angus sires. GeneMax results were provided on all heifers selling prior to the sale.

Slagle Montgomery, Claremore, OK, purchased commercial Lots 1 and 2, 20 head total, for $2,200 and $2,300 respectively. Stan Benkenstein, Lufkin, TX purchased the next two lots, 3 and 4, for $2,000 per head. Micheal Flowers, Princeton, MO, also a buyer in the bull sale, purchased commercial lots 5, 6 and 7 for $2,050 per head. Stan Benkenstein also added two more 10 head lots to his load, paying $2,000 per head for lots 8 and 9. Internet buyer, Jeff Graham, Dublin, GA, purchased the final 10 head group, Lot 14, for $1,700 per head.

Volume Bull Buyers: Joe Howard Williamson, Archer City, TX; Jim O’Brien, Mullen, NE; John McCarty, Gaviota, CA; Jon Means, Van Horn, TX; Kevin Cantrelle, Raymond, CA.

Volume Commercial Female Buyers: Stan Benkenstein, Lufkin, TX; Micheal Flowers, Princeton, MO.

The 2012 fall bulls and commercial females sold in record time to 121 buyers from 24 states.

Sale Total & Averages

Registered Bulls

Total Lots            Category                     Gross            Average

208              15-18 mo. Old Bulls            $983,750            $4,729

 62                Yearling bulls                      $253,250             $4,084

270                Bulls Total                          $1,237,000          $4,581

Bred Commercial Heifers

140            Bred Commercial Heifers            $274,000            $1,957

410            Total Lots                                   $1,511,000            $3,685