GrowSafe wins Intel SME Award for Innovation

GrowSafe Systems Ltd., announces receiving the 2014 INTEL SME award for Innovation at the Canadian Advanced Technology (CATAAlliance) award gala in Ottawa.  John Reid, President and CEO, CATAAlliance states, "Our award winners have demonstrated significant leadership as role models for the development of commercially successful enterprises in Canada.”

Accepting the award on behalf of the GrowSafe team, Alison Sunstrum Co-CEO commented “When our founder brought the first livestock RFID solution to market in 1990 he envisioned the possibility of the Internet of Things”.  The convergence of Internet service to rural communities, fast PC processors, sensors, and connectivity devices makes everything we do possible. Intel imagines and builds the foundational technologies for the world's computing devices.  This award is a monumental milestone.”

“The way that GrowSafe acquires, analyses, optimizes, and presents BIG DATA using a standard PC connected to the Internet is improving animal welfare, farm profitability and reducing the environmental footprint of livestock production.  We are connecting livestock producers to their animals in a way and at a cost that was previously thought unimaginable.” 

Alison says, “The GrowSafe journey continues at an accelerated pace.  We turn real time data into predictive foresight and with emerging capabilities we are automating many things; providing new science based solutions to identify and treat animal disease, every cow just in time.”

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