Hereford Feeder Sales Scheduled: Consign Now

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Looking to market Hereford and Hereford-influenced feeder calves this fall? Consign to a Hereford feeder calf sale in your region and you may be rewarded with a premium. More and more sales are being organized every year because of their continued success.

Last year’s Tennessee Hereford Marketing Program feeder sale earned consignors $26 more per head over and above what the average feeder calf brought in Tennessee that week. The Greater Midwest Certified Hereford Feeder Calf Sale in Carthage, Ill., earned consignors premiums of more than $20,000 in its very first year and produced similar results in its second year as well.

“This is a great example of how cattle producers can work together to pool their calves into larger groups in order to attract buyers willing to pay premium prices for high-quality calves,” says Darrell Ailshie, manager of Tennessee Livestock Producers, which hosts the Tennessee sale.

Whether consignors have one calf or 100, these sales are a great marketing outlet because the cattle are sorted by type and kind. This attracts buyers interested in purchasing load lots of healthy, quality cattle. Buyers from Certified Hereford Beef-participating feedlots historically have purchased many cattle from these sales.

In order to guarantee the health and condition of the cattle, there are requirements that must be met. Interested consignors should contact the organizers for more information on those specific requirements. Some of the sales may have consignment deadlines, so it’s important to contact the organizers as soon as possible. The earlier you commit your stock, the more time the sale staff has to advertise your cattle to potential buyers.

Following is a list of scheduled Hereford feeder calf sales:

Kansas Hereford Influenced Feeder Calf Sale

Date: Oct. 23

Location: Manhattan Commission Co., Manhattan, Kan.

Contact: Tom Graznow, (785) 466-6790

John Cline (785) 776-4815

Tennessee Hereford Marketing Program Feeder Calf Sale

Date: Oct. 26

Location: Tennessee Livestock Producers, Columbia, Tenn.

Contact: John Woolfolk, (731) 225-2620

Darrell Ailshie, (931) 212-8512

Kentucky Certified Hereford Influenced Sale

Date: Oct. 27

Location: Bluegrass Stockyards South, Stanford, Ky.

Contact: Lowell Atwood, (606) 669-1455

John Meents, (419) 306-7480

Montana Hereford Association Hereford Influenced Feeder Calf Sale

Date: Nov. 16

Location: Headwaters Livestock Auction, Three Forks, Mont.

Contact: Jerry Gereghty, (406) 662-3375 or [email protected]

Greater Midwest Certified Hereford Feeder Calf Sale

Date: Dec. 3

Location: Carthage Livestock Auction, Carthage, Ill.

Contact: Jerry Huth, (920) 583-3223 or [email protected]

Missouri Hereford Association Hereford Influenced Feeder Calf Sale

Date: Dec. 3

Location: Joplin Regional Stockyards, Carthage, Mo.

Contact: Matt Reynolds, (660) 676-3788 or

Marty Lueck, (417) 948-2669 or [email protected]