IGENITY®Announces DNA Profile for Cow/Calf Producers

Industry’s most cost-effective DNA product for replacement heifer selection1

DULUTH, GA. — August 5, 2010 — IGENITY®, a division of Merial, announces the introduction of the most cost-effective DNA product on the market — the IGENITY profile for replacement heifers. It is designed specifically for cow/calf producers committed to the long-term success of their herd.

“Developing a replacement heifer requires a substantial financial investment by the producer. Not only will that heifer remain in the herd for years to come, but she will also help to define the genetic direction and profitability of the entire herd,” says Dr. Kevin DeHaan, technical services director, IGENITY. “Bottom line: Producers can’t afford to pick the wrong replacement heifers, and the IGENITY profile for replacement heifers can help producers make the right decisions for their herd.”

Producers can help take some of the risk out of their management decisions by incorporating the IGENITY profile for replacement heifers into their existing selection tools. “Producers usually do a visual sort of their potential replacement heifers,” says Dr. DeHaan. “With the IGENITY profile for replacement heifers, producers can now take a look on the inside to make more informed decisions on their breeding, selection and management needs.”

Through the new cost-effective DNA offering from IGENITY, cow/calf producers can receive analyses on five economically important traits:

• Fertility

• Maternal Calving Ease

• Average Daily Gain

• Percent Choice

• Tenderness

“In the example of percent choice, the IGENITY profile for replacement heifers is the equivalent of having information on up to five progeny from a yearling heifer,” says Dr. DeHaan. “For producers who do not have pedigree documents on their heifers, this information is especially valuable.”

“DNA sample collection is easy with IGENITY,” says Dr. DeHaan. “Producers have different preferences when it comes to types of DNA samples based on their individual operation or working facilities, which is why IGENITY accepts multiple types of DNA samples.” Producers may also choose to use a combination radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and tissue collecting device, making DNA collection and electronic identification possible in one simple step.

Once producers receive their results, the inside information can be turned into actionable knowledge through the user-friendly software from IGENITY. The custom sort software is designed to help producers sort and rank their animals based on the traits that are most important to them. For example, producers can use the custom sort software to first evaluate their potential replacement heifers on the fertility and average daily gain traits to help avoid any future costs of developing females that may not have the genetic potential to reach those first important milestones.

“The success of a replacement heifer, whether evaluated as an individual female for short-term profitability, or evaluated on the long-term fiscal impact of the herd, hinges on the heifer’s ability to grow quickly and efficiently and breed on time,” explains Dr. DeHaan.

The IGENITY profile for replacement heifers has been thoroughly researched as well as third-party validated, says Dr. DeHaan. “This product was designed after conducting research on the specific needs of cow/calf producers. It truly is a revolutionary product.”

“Adding the IGENITY profile for replacement heifers to your female selection protocol can help ensure that decisions made today will result in a productive, efficient herd for years to come,” says Dr. DeHaan. “And the sooner you collect inside information about each animal in your herd, the greater your ability to add value to manage and market your product.”

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