Inaugural Fort Dodge Animal Health Legacy Scholarships Awarded At Cattle Industry Summer Conference

DENVER, Colo. (July 18, 2008) - The National Cattlemen’s Foundation and Fort Dodge Animal Health recognize the importance of and demand for bovine veterinarians and production agriculture professionals. Today, they recognized five individuals for their commitment to the industry. Three doctorate of veterinary medicine (DVM) and two animal science undergraduate students each received a scholarship of $5,000 as part of the first Fort Dodge Animal Health Legacy Scholarship program.

DVM scholarships were awarded to Jessica Evoniuk, South Heart, N.D.; Maggie Hoenig, Donnellson, Iowa; and Caleb Lund, Lusk, Wyo. Evoniuk and Hoenig attend Iowa State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, while Lund attends Colorado State University. The three recipients were chosen from 110 applications from 29 universities across the country. All will complete their doctorates in 2010.

Undergraduate scholarships were awarded to Joanna Kate (Katie) Smith of Bainbridge, Ga., and Bryan Luark of Burns, Colo. Both are pursuing degrees in animal science with an emphasis in bovine production. Smith attends the University of Georgia and will graduate in 2009, while Luark is enrolled at Colorado State University with an anticipated graduation in 2011. The recipients were selected from 48 applications from 28 universities across the country.

“Based on the quantity and quality of the applicants, it is clear we have a number of very talented individuals who will provide positive contributions to our industry. We look forward to continuing our work with current producers to encourage these future leaders by providing scholarship opportunities in 2009,” said Dan Ellsworth, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Fort Dodge Animal Health.

“We are very pleased to honor these exceptional scholars for their commitment to the cattle industry and veterinary medicine,” said Bob Josserand, chairman of the National Cattlemen’s Foundation Board of Trustees. “As a cattleman and chairman of the trustees, I applaud these young people and Fort Dodge for this exciting partnership.”

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